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07-04-2010, 03:55 PM
Read this before posting

Welcome to Survival and Preparedness forums. Some general info-

In the spirit of sticking with the program, we want to keep posts and threads relating to survival and preparedness. Yes it's o.k. to post news articles RELATING TO the same also. In other words, threads with news articles that relate to things we should be concerned with- i.e, the economy, the gulf oil spill, war, the mideast, etc. are fine. Posting news articles about the death of Michael Jackson is not sticking with the program and threads like that will be deleted.

This is a PRIVATELY OWNED FORUM and as such it's important to use tact, show respect and be courteous to others. This is not your home, this is my home. Use common sense and the "golden rule" (do unto others) and you won't have a problem here. Do otherwise and you'll be shown the door, period. You have no "rights" here.

This site is owned by a conservative Christian survivalist that is strong on family values, good character and responsibility. While I appreciate and enjoy a good debate, intentional trouble making won't be tolerated.

Also, please remember women and young folks may be reading what you write also.

I've copied the following off of James Yeager's site - www.getoffthex.com (http://www.getoffthex.com/) because I think he appropriately sums it up and having trained with him a little bit I know he's a no non-sense type of guy and I respect him greatly for that. I hope James doesn't mind me quoting from his site- the same info applies here at Survival and Preparedness forums-

"You have no "rights" here. This is a commercially operated website. You have no freedom of speech here nor any other Constitutionally protected rights. You are our guest as long as we allow it. We do not charge for the use of this board and we will suspend you at will. You may not conduct business on this board openly or privately without permission."

07-05-2010, 11:41 AM
Read...and agreed. :)