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07-13-2010, 09:00 AM
How about a good starter thread on basic gear needs? It doesn't have to be specific brands, just general "needed" items. Maybe a short blurb at the end on WHY you are carrying specific things, etc.

Keep in mind your location, your skill sets and your plans will all affect the choices of what to carry, etc.

Who's gonna start it off?

07-13-2010, 12:22 PM
I think the first thing one has to do, is establish what all different tasks you want to be able to accomplish first, and then break down each one as different tasks will require different gear. Then, try and see what gear can do double duty/fill multiple roles. Some of my categories are:

Bugging out/getting out of dodge with no set time to come back, if ever.

Getting home while away from home.

Security Patrolling.


Static location defense.

I'll try to add some more thoughts later.

07-13-2010, 12:53 PM
How about a good starter thread on basic gear needs? It doesn't have to be specific brands, just general "needed" items. Maybe a short blurb at the end on WHY you are carrying specific things, etc.

Keep in mind your location, your skill sets and your plans will all affect the choices of what to carry, etc.

Who's gonna start it off?

well imho your gear needs change per what the scenario is. Like pointed out by hawk, if im static that's a different load out than if i am mobile ( for the most part).
What i use when i back pack or hunt is a different load out,than what i would use if i was "fighting" , but the gear in both is chosen for it ability to help me survive that scenario best.
Some core items never change ( water filtration for example or shelter - silnylon tarp) for me when packing a bag or even with in my "fighting" kit .

For a pack( BOB,GHB,INCH) you'll need a:
water) filter, redundant means of filter and means to carry it)
shelter( tents,clothing( AO specific ) ,sleeping bags etc)
comms( ham or weather band)
tools ( knives/weapons support etc)

if we are talking "fighting" load outs let me know LOL I'll keep it to that style of gear.

Jerry D Young
07-13-2010, 02:00 PM
Though I do have several other small kits, my primary kit is a general use kit. I keep it ready to go for any emergency. Since I can’t carry much on my back, I use a game cart to handle the overwhelming majority of the items.

And since I have to use it anyway, I take advantage of the weight & space capacity and take rather more than most people recommend. Some of the additional weight and space is in the gear, but much of it, however, is in food. I can last well over a month just on what food I have with me.
If the situation changes, or is such that I must lighten or reduce the size of the load, I can merely drop what I don’t need and keep going. Since I plan for many different situations, and can’t afford the duplication necessary for having a bag for each situation, I went with the following non-specific kit:

Field equipment kit (Evac/BOB/BIB/GOOD/INCH/DHS)

(Well on the way to having it all, but not quite yet.)

(It is a fairly comprehensive pick and choose list covering all four seasons and the terrain here in the High Desert. Not everyone needs everything. Some items would be left behind or cached, depending on the circumstances. And there are cheaper options available for some of the items for those on a tight budget.)

As to quantities of consumables, since I can carry much more on the game cart than I can on my back, I go for two months. I think three days minimum, seven days much better, and a month or more preferred. You will eat more when on the move than when bugging in, so up the amounts you think you would eat by 10% - 25%. Somewhere in the kit should be important documents in a water proof container.

Just my opinions.


Propper khaki Tactical Pants
Propper khaki Tactical shirt
Orvis Leather money pants belt (with 1/10 ounce gold Eagles)
Rustedfables The Grizzly Leather Suspenders (brown)
Jockey Boxer briefs (white)
Jockey v-neck T-shirt (white)
Wigwam F2161-051 Coolmax liner socks
Carhartt Wool boot socks
Danner 10” Quarry Logger 2.0 GTX goretex hard toe boots (brown)
Akruba Territory Hat with chin strap wide brim hat (brown)
Petzl TacTikka XP LED headlamp on hat
2 tan bandannas
Hatch Operator lightweight gloves
Hatch XTAK tan elbow pads
Hatch XTAK tan knee pads
Timex Automatic Self winding watch
Wiley X JP-2-510 photochromic sungl***es
Zippo lighter/Brunton Helos butane lighter
Pantac Wallet C wallet w/cash & ID (tan)
Maglight Solitare flashlight w/Tectite LED conversion w/AAA battery
Leatherman 2.8” plain edge pocket knife
Spyderco CO8 Harpy pocket clip knife
Tec-tite Tekna Ocean Edge Arm knife
Cold Steel Counter Tac II boot knife
Nikon compact binoculars on chest harness (alternate: 7x50 Steiner Commander XP C)
Write in the rain notebook in left shirt pocket
2 Fisher Tactical Space pens in left shirt pocket
Arrowtech W-742 Dosimeter in left shirt pocket
Arrowtech W-138RM pen type rate meter in left shirt pocket
Cell phone in right shirt pocket
Motorola HT-750 low band business band handheld radio in pants radio pocket
Garman Oregon 550T GPS in pants left cargo pouch (opt)
Kestrel 4500NV weather instrument in pants right cargo pouch (opt)
Key ring w/Benchmade knife sharpener, whistle
Leather change purse w/silver coins (brown)
Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP w/4 spare magazines in pocket holster in right rear pants pocket

In FMCO CSV-M10 Vest (4 double magazine pouches, 2 large utility pouches, 2 small utility pouches, 620ci field pack):

8 20-round .308 magazine in 4 double pouches
Yaesu VR-500 wide band all mode handheld receiver w/Miracle Ducker LT antenna in 1st small utility pouch
Brunton 54LU comp*** in 2nd small utility pouch
Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS hand held radio in 2nd small utility pouch
Survival kit* in first large utility pouch
Hardware and tools kit** in second large utility pouch
MSR 3-liter hydration bladder in attached field pack


Glock 21SF in Tactical Taylor MOLLE holster (alternate: ParaOrdnance P-14)
Surefire G2 flashlight in Specter Gear MOLLE pouch
Cold Steel Oda in Spec-Ops MOLLE sheath
IFA kit in Custom Tactical SAR MOLLE pouch***
Nalgene Guyot SS 38oz water bottle w/18oz cup & Maxpedition 4x10 MOLLE carrier
Soldiers Optimized Butt pack w/GI Poncho & Ranger Rick liner attached, 3 days food (jerky, gorp, Millennium ration bars), Otis Tactical gun cleaning kit, CD V-750 Model 6 manual dosimeter charger
Nalgene Guyot SS water bottle w/cup & Maxpedition 4x10 MOLLE carrier
OKC-3S bayonet in MOLLE sheath
Custom Tactical MOLLE Dump pouch
Leatherman Surge in one pocket of Spec-Ops brand dual MOLLE pouch
Wenger Survivor Swiss Army Knife in one pocket of Spec-Ops brand dual MOLLE pouch
Spec-Ops brand double MOLLE pouch w/2 pistol magazines

Kifaru Marauder 2,500ci MOLLE back pack w/cargo chair & gunbearer options

In Marauder:

MSR 3-liter hydration bladder
SAS Survival Handbook
Food for 3 days (Jerky, gorp, Millennium ration bars)
Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter w/MP-1 tablets
Extra underwear
Extra socks
Double zip-locked packet of important papers (copies of licenses, deeds, insurance, etc.)

On Marauder:

PTR-91 MBR in gunbearer (alternate: Springfield M1A)
Left side 2-quart GI canteen in Kifaru pouch
Right side 2-quart GI canteen in Kifaru pouch
Cold Steel E-tool
Cold Steel Rifleman’s tomahawk

Cabela’s Super magnum game cart w/dual wheel option w/

1st Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/additional clothing
2 sets outerwear
5 sets underwear
10 bandanas
1 extra pair Hatch Operator lightweight gloves
1 Travelsmith leather safari coat medium coat (brown)
1 pair of Tempest insulated/water proof gloves
1 Tasman lined drover’s coat (brown)
2 sets Duo-fold Sportsman long johns
1 Adventure Medical Kits Backpacker’s sewing kit
1 pair Cabela’s Elk moccasins w/shearling lining
1 pair Keen Newport H2 sandals
1 pair Wiley X Nerve Goggle w/4 spare lenses
1 Pick-of-life ice escape picks

2nd Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/tools, spares, and extras
1 Grand Shelters Icebox Igloo building tool
1 Grand Shelters Igloo door
1 Duraworx mini-planting tool
1 Channellock Model 88 rescue tool
1 8” mill file
1 EZE-Lap diamond paddle sharpening set
1 Wyoming knife w/3 spare blades
300’ coyote brown 550 cord
1 Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS handheld radio
2 Dakota Alert MAPS vehicle detectors w/MURS transmitter
4 Dakota Alert MAT motion sensors w/MURS transmitters
1 Night Watch 2 circuit tripwire alarm w/tripwire
1 Energizer windup LED flashlight
1 Brunton SolarPort 4.4 & BattJack AA/AAA solar battery charger
1 Brunton Solo 15 & 3 Solaris 52 PV panels solar power supply
1 Yaesu FT-897D w/Miracle Ducker TL tunable whip, Yo-Yo 6-reel dipole antenna
1 Gill net
1 Mobley’s Frog/fish gig head w/extra tines & telescoping pole
1 set Bow string, nocks, fletching, binding, various arrowheads, B&A tool
1 reel Heavy fishline, for fishing arrows & gig head
1 Dozen Snare One 7x7 5/64” 42” cable snares w/swivel end
1 Exploration Products Fresh Water Fishing kit w/kite string winder
2 CR-1 spares carriers w/G-2 bulb & 6 CR-123A spare batteries each
Extra CR-123A batteries in 4-cell carriers
Extra AA rechargeable batteries in 4-cell carriers
Extra AAA rechargeable batteries in 6-cell carriers
Extra pair Donner boots
Extra boot laces
Extra Zippo fuel, spare wicks & flints
Extra butane fuel for lighter
Extra butane torch fuel
Extra first aid supplies
Extra hardware
Extra ammunition in ammo cans
Extra Otis gun cleaning patches and Breakfree CLP

3rd Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/cooking, water, & sanitations items
1 Sawyer Point Zero Two Absolute 4-liter water purification system
4 10-liter MSR water bladders
1 MSR Campers washcloth & towel, AGS Labs Camp soap, compact hair brush
4 Charmin To-Go Toilet paper packets/wipe rags(boiled and sun dried to sanitize)
1 Gold Bond Foot powder
1 Chapstik SPF-15 lib balm
1 4oz bottle Herbal 22 Insect repellent
1 pocket pack Q-tips
1 MSR Dragonfly multi-fuel stove
4 MSR fuel bottles
1 German GI nesting knife/fork/spoon/can opener set
1 MSR SS cook set w/tea kettle & kitchen tools
8 SS cooking skewers
1 Coleman SS steel double wall cup
1 GSI pressure cooker w/liner pot
1 Lodge Cast iron skillet w/lid
1 Lodge Dutch oven w/lid
1 REI Backpackers fire grill
1 Fire tongs
1 Grilling basket
1 pair 19” fireplace fireproof gloves

4th Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/food
beef bouillon
baking powder
coconut oil
corn meal
powdered milk
dried beans
tea bags
hot chocolate packets
Emergen-C packets
lemon juice
hard candy
waxed chocolate
Tootsie Rolls
Chickletts 2-piece chewing gum
Millennium ration bars
Snickers Marathon Protein Bars
Pemmican http://www.gr***landbeef.com/Detail.bok?no=731 (http://www.gr***landbeef.com/Detail.bok?no=731)
dried fruit
fruit cake
gorp (~equal amounts of premium mixed nuts, chopped dates, and M&Ms)
Mountain House meals
Instant oats packets
Instant grits packets
Instant potatoes packets
18 ounce SS flask Hennessy Paradis Extra Cognac

5th Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/more food

Lashed on top of totes:

1 FMCO vest set up for Remington 11-87 shotgun
1 NetPack 5354 wheeled 40” duffel bag w/pair Cabela’s Pinnicle Gortex cold weather insulated gloves, Carhartt Arctic Bibs, Carhartt Arctic Parka w/hood, NEOS over boots, Mustang Survival auto inflate flotation vest, Millennium respirator, OptimAir 6A PAPR, CBRN suit, gloves, boots, acc
1 set MSR Denali EVO Snow shoes & MSR Denali III poles
1 12’ sling rope w/2 snap rings
2 Edelwies 200’ static climbing rope w/set of carabiners & pulleys
1 Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1 3 person/4 season tent w/fly
1 Slumberjack sleep system w/Thermarest self inflating mattress
2 silnylon tarps w/poles, stakes, and para cord
1 Hardigg iM3300 gun case with Remington 11-87 custom shotgun, H&R/NEF .30-’06 single shot scoped rifle w/.32 ACP adapters, (alternate: Remington 700 .30-’06), Glock 30SF spare pistol
(optional: 2nd case w/Ruger #1 .375 H&H Magnum scoped rifle [alternate: Remington 798 .375 H&H Mag])
1 Alpacka Fjord Explore cargo raft w/oars, oar frame, seat, attachable skeg
1 D-handle small round point shovel
1 Cold Steel 24” Latin machete
1 Stanley 30” Entry tool
1 Iltis Oxhead double bit axe
1 Sven 21” folding saw
1 ATAS-25 multiband portable antenna w/tripod
1 Fire tripod
1 Fire spit & supports
1 Kifaru pulk w/steering & brake package

*Survival Kit (in FMCO vest utility pouch)

1 SAS Essential Survival Guide (compact version)
1 Buck 110 folding belt knife
1 Fisher black bullet pen
1 Storm-Saf note pad
1 BCB explorer button comp***
1 Mag-Light Mini Maglight 2AA w/Terra-lux LED conversion
8 Energizer AA ultra Lithium battery in two carriers
1 Blast match fire starter
2 containers Lifeboat matches
1 8-pack Wet fire tinder
1 Bic lighter
1 leather bootlace to make fire bow
4 Daytrex 4.2 oz water packets
1 Sawyer Point Zero Two Absolute water bottle purifier
1 10”x4” Maxpedition water bottle carrier
1 Storm whistle
2 neck lanyard (whistle & knife)
1 mini can Orange spray paint
1 1”x200’ orange survey tape
1 mini-Air horn
1 Starflash 3”x5” signal mirror
1 TrueFlare penflare kit (launcher, 12 flares, case)
1 emergency hooded space blanket
1 lightweight space blanket bag
1 tube tent
1 300’ 550 cord
1 P-51 can opener
1 old style beer can and bottle opener
1 SS table spoon
4 beef bouillon cubes
12 Millennium energy bars
1 fresh water fishing kit
1 gill net
1 1-liter water bag
1 coffee filter support sheath w/20 filters
4 sheets aluminum foil
1 Esbit stove/Tommy cooker
4 12-count Esbit stove fuel tablets
1 small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
1 24 gauge x 55’ br*** wire
1 pocket chainsaw
4 heavy duty garbage bags
2 Israeli 6” trauma bandages
12 Medique Medi-Lyte heat relief tablets 2-pack
4 alcohol prep pads
4 Pepto Bismo 2-pack
4 Excedrin 2-pak
1 Charmin To Go 55 sheet pack toilet paper
1 pair emergency sungl***es

**Hardware & tools kit list (in FMCO double .223 bandoleer pouch on belt)

1 Leatherman Crunch
1 Leatherman Supertool 300
1 Victorinox Swiss Army Work Champ Swiss Army Knife
1 Gl*** cutter
1 300’ 550 cord
1 Small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
1 12 gauge x 15’ insulated electrical wire
1 16 gauge x 50’ mechanic’s wire
1 24 gauge x 55’ br*** wire
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]1 Roll 3M

07-18-2010, 05:36 PM
Something to remember in building a Bug Out Bag (BOB) is the rules of three. No scientific method here and not everyone is designed the same, so give or take a little bit along the way and this is pretty much where someone could start.

One can survive up to 3 minutes without oxygen or during heavy bleeding.

One can survive up to 3 hours without proper shelter/clothing in the elements.

One can survive up to 3 days without water.

One can survive up to 3 weeks without food.

Typical disaster will last less than three weeks so food might not be a great concern before relief efforts are in place or you make it to where you are going. But you are still stuck with the first three as being essential to survival. However, I

07-18-2010, 05:45 PM
Some of the items that I might consider "essential" and in no particular order. Some can be carried on person but mainly in a pack.

Multitool (Leatherman Wave)
Illumination w/ additional batteries (typically x 2 since I have a flashlight I EDC and another in my pack)
Proper footwear (boots as opposed to tennis shoes)
Clothing: Socks x 3 with liners, pair of Gore-Tex oversocks, t-shirts x 2 (wearing one already), thermal shirt (not cotton) level 1 and level 2, level 1 thermal drawers, spare pants, spare L/S shirt
Wet/cold weather gear (including pants/jacket, seasonal depends on weight of jacket)
Fire starting ability x 2: waterproof matches, blast match, lighter (I also typically EDC a lighter, so that’s actually x 4)
Firestarter (PJ and cotton balls in waterproof container, also shredded wax paper and other “pocket” paper like ATM receipts)
IFAK/blow out kit/boo boo kit with pain medications and other OTC meds
Poncho (for shelter or wet weather wear)
550 cord (varying lengths adding up to 100’)
Duct tape (not entire roll, think about 50’ or so)
Essential documents (which some like to convert to .pdf and store on a encrypted thumb drive)
Cash (as many ATMs and Credit Card readers will be down during emergency situations) carry what you are comfortable with
Pen/Pencil and paper (Rite in the Rain is awesome for this)
Emergency signaling device (like a whistle)
Hand sanitizer
Means of navigation x 2 ( I go with a GPS and compass) and map(s)
Spare shoelaces (or additional 550 cord)
Water purification x 2 (filter and tabs)
Lightweight multi-fuel hiking stove or fuel tabs
Metal Cup or small hiking cooking pot. Also the issue canteen cup is an outstanding choice as I believe it is one of the most foolproof and rugged designs on the planet. Heavy, but darn near indestructible
Food x 4 days (I always plan on an extra day)
Water container above and beyond a hydration bladder (I have one Nalgene and one Camelbak 1L bottle, easier to filter water into and/or wait for the purification time)
Fiskars 7 inch pruning saw
And depending on the season, a sleeping bag or poncho liner and pad
And depending on the location, a form of protection x 2 (pistol, OC spray, larger knife, etc)

Just the bare basics for starters and more will be added in as the situation dictates.

01-30-2011, 11:39 AM
Thanks for this sticky thread and the great posts of information. I have added much to the family's bags but with the lists you guys have provided I have a looong way to go.

Feels kind of daunting at times....

02-24-2012, 12:30 PM
Hi, so do you keep all of this at your home and take it all to your retreat if you have one or do you keep it stored at your destination?


Jerry D Young
02-24-2012, 06:42 PM
Most of it is here at home (Don't have everything on the list yet. Still building the kit). A few things at a rental storage place and the rest at the BOL.

03-05-2012, 04:52 PM
Any type of bag I have regardless of what it might be needed for will have the following items/equipment loaded out. It rounds out a 72-96 hour "get by" period.

- small FAK including 6 feminine pads and 2 HD dust masks.
- 4 ways to make fire
- 3lt hydration bladder + 2-32 oz ss bottles + waterfilter
- 7200 calories of food
- twin bed size wool blanket
- ultralite stuff bag trap
- 100' 550
- 30' 3/8 nylon rope
- 1 each led headlight and flashlight
- 1 each Leatherman Wave, Case Trapper, 6" fixed blade, 18" brush blade
- 2 pairs of socks
- 1 16x30 white terry towel
- 1pair of lightweight work gloves

There would be misc loadouts to go too depending on where and what I'm having to do.


03-06-2012, 10:04 AM
I prepared my BOB 4 years ago. It's got everything but the kitchen sink. It's a backback which becomes a wheeled bag. It contains all the stuff recommended by various experienced prepper folks. I keep it in the trunk of my car, and it will enable to to survive in the woods, or anywhere I imagine, for 5 or 6 days. I even have Coast Guard approved water pouches, instant coffee, and 5 days of freeze dried food for two. I've also included clothing, heavy socks and walking shoes.

A few weeks ago, I was in need of a wire clipper. (cutting artificial flowers at a grave side) Thinking of my BOB, I went in search of the multi-tool in the bag, only to come up with a handful of slimy shampoo or hand cleaner goop which I had dutifully put into the bag on someone recommendation thinking it was a good idea. What a mess.

Moral - if you don't use your BOB, check it routinely!!!

03-06-2012, 10:17 AM
@MB - how long has this person been prepping that you listened to their recommendation? They were probably a mall ninja...lol

Thanks for sharing this experience...one of the many things I enjoy about the regular posters on this forum is their willingness to share the good and bad experiences so that we can all learn.

Thanks again MB!!

03-06-2012, 04:50 PM
I would like to add, there is no set gear requirements for any sort of bag.

I have been out with mine dozens of times. Ya gotta make sure what you pack works. First time you go out with it, you will see what works and what don't.


04-12-2012, 08:21 PM
Keep in mind that everyone will have different ideas of basic level kits. for ex. more serious level guys will have such things as water filter and start up water as to where most people daily think "oh ill grab a bottle of water and ill be good". an important note to anyone try to keep the 3,3,3 in mind. for those who dont know or just starting out the 3,3,3 rule is 3 hours, 3days, 3 weeks. i conside the basics being water both start up and a way to replinsh via water filter of some sort. food dehydrated is good but also takes little time so quick easy stuff is important in my mind as well via can of spam,tuna, or stew, all can be eaten cold or granola bars power bars, all light weight doesnt take up lots of bag room and fits in pocket of pants for easy on the go access if one was to have to move and eat. a good knife that can be used in various ways. also tarp for shelter and poncho. fire starting material ex. char cloth, dryer lint, pj and cotton balls, along with fire sparker and lighter. trust me im going to use the lighter if possible. medical supplie guaze, tape, bandaids, neosporin, aspin, pepto, anit-acid,gloves, cpr mask, etc.... once again the word "basic" is differnt to everyone.

04-13-2012, 01:51 PM
2 black heavy-duty garbage bags
2 different types of fire starters (stick kind and wick kind)
3 different ways to start fire (magnesium steel/flint combo, water resistant matches, lighter)
2 emergency blankets (SOL brand)
1 Platypous water bladder
1 MSR Miniworks EX water filter
1 Leatherman Wave
20ft paracord
small FAK
3 Granola bars and 3 energy bars
1 flashllight am/fm radio combo (no batteries, crank kind)

This all fits in a sllightly larger than normal fanny pack. This is my 3 hour to about 2 day kit to get home. I'll add to it and make it a day-pack full 3 day kit as time/money provides. I keep a Buck knife close at hand with the kit but it doesn't fit inside the fanny pack. I've applied for my GWC (concealed carry license) so, until that's approved, no firearms/ammo. I don't want to get in trouble with the LEOs.

08-04-2013, 04:29 PM
I found some birthday candles in an old craft box today.
I think they will be great fire starter. I even found some trick ones.

Going to test them out the next time I build a fire to see if they hold up good against wet tinder. Light one and conserve your bic. Use the candle to light different spots of your tinder bundle.

And you can get 1000's of them for cheap.

Matt In Oklahoma
08-04-2013, 05:08 PM
I found some birthday candles in an old craft box today.
I think they will be great fire starter. I even found some trick ones.

Going to test them out the next time I build a fire to see if they hold up good against wet tinder. Light one and conserve your bic. Use the candle to light different spots of your tinder bundle.

And you can get 1000's of them for cheap.

Let us know, that sounds interesting

11-11-2013, 11:20 PM
If you live in a large city and plan to bug out. Consider keeping a battery powered dremel tool, cutting wheels and a couple extra Master Locks. I know "WHAT FOR" well consider that you may need to remove a lock from a warehouse, gate, old building, etc. and carrying around a 24" set of bolt cutters isn't really practical. The locks are to replace the one you just cut so if there is another bugger outer coming along behind you later they won't just walk in on you. But that won't happen because you will have security out with NVG's and a Dakota alert sensor or two on the road outside. :cool: