View Full Version : SURVIVAL RELOADING- Part 3

07-26-2011, 02:53 PM
If you are not familiar with ballistic tables and the vital importance of a 25 yard impact height, get familiar now. The PDA world is upon us and simple and inexpensive ballistic software from Pesja Ballistics, Pesj@sprintmail.com, is just the ticket to field computations of zeros at various yards with a base 25 yard number. You do not need a set of chrony screens to measure MV with the tables. The actual impact heights at accurate distances are vital so get a 25 yard height and a 100 yard impact height without sight changes and you are off and running.

Horus Vision, www.horusvision.com, and others have good PDA data that should be integral parts of your survival rifle planning and actual uses now. Make a range card and tape it to your rifle after you have determined where it shoots with what loads; under stress you will have one less thing to remember and greater confidence of first round hits. The computer program results are predictions; your actual results are the results that are placed on the cards. Where you live determines what your zero distances should be as Wyoming has open long range shot potentials but Cleveland is another story. Police use a 100 yd urban zero, some Army uses are for a 200 yd zero, my preference, Silhouette shooters may use a 300 yd zero and the Corps prefers a 600 yd zero for its snipers. Zero according to the distance likely targets will appear. A struggling musician once asked a fellow bus passenger how to get to Carnegie Hall. The answer was