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10-28-2013, 11:30 AM
Soo before I begin this let me get two things out of the way 1. Yes I know "ZOMBIES" REALLY?? I felt the same way and 2. What is a good zombie training film without AK's.............

Now granted I have not watched either of the DVD's in their entirety because frankly I don't own them. However, watching the extended length previews I am left with a couple thoughts. I think that for what it is, A video aimed at the newbie and a poke at the whole zombie thing. I find it to be pretty decent(from what I have seen). Granted it isn't your average do what I do and you will be a tier one operator in 120 minutes with all the tips, techniques and failure drills you can absorb. However, it does add a level of entertainment value and straight faced comedy that is a new refreshing face to the training film genre. Also it is very much geared towards the new "prepper" with tips on tool selection for "foraging". I don't know if Costa is simply latching on to the whole preparedness idea as a means to tap that clientele or if he believes we are headed for trouble. I do know his ex partner at Magpul Travis Haly has spoken publicly about the coming storm and did a 25 minute video on youtube where he discusses our possible future and what he has witnessed in the world as a result of tyranny.

below is a link to the operation Z previews if you should care to take a look


10-28-2013, 01:58 PM
So I looked into the series, a 12 parter.. Its actually not a Costa project he is a consultant on firearms. In listening to a interview with the studios owner the coming releases will cover DVD3 bug out vehicles, DVD4 Emergency medical, DVD 5 Group operations.. So its NOT a Costa release but may turn out to be a entertaining and somewhat instructive project. And to answer my own question above Costa admits to belonging to the "SHTF community" and answers the question as to his motivations for doing the project. I like the idea, maybe im just a fanboy...LOL

10-29-2013, 05:53 AM
great..ar lovers abound..now costa fan boys.....wheres the pic of him lifting his shirt when you need it lol

10-29-2013, 01:50 PM
great..ar lovers abound..now costa fan boys.....wheres the pic of him lifting his shirt when you need it lol

LOL.. sorry no Costa fan boys here.. I just think the guy has a sense of humor that is lacking in the gun community.. Everybodies gotta be soo serious.. I like laughing at him almost as much as myself