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10-21-2014, 02:06 PM
As most of you all know it's been pretty busy. Just a quick update-

As of today, Tuesday October 21st-

*Stock is good on MOST NBC protective equipment. Notably Israeli kids masks are out of stock. However adult masks are in stock and a FEW of the "Baby Bubbles" positive overpressure units and the Bardas Child protective overpressure wrap are in stock.

*NO Large size military protective suits are currently in stock. A FEW XL's remain in stock, stock is good on British MKIV suits in size MEDIUM. Note that the MKIV suit is the ONLY British/NATO suit to consider. The much older MKIII suit uses an "anorak" type PULLOVER top. Like a sweater, the old MKIII top had to be PULLED UP OVER YOUR HEAD to take off. Can you imagine the decon nightmare and potential for transfer hazards with that old style suit? Buy only MKIV suits if you are looking at British or NATO suits.

*A large shipment of M96 filters is expected in, these are the top of the food chain filters. 90% of the ones arriving are PRE-SOLD (i.e, orders waiting for them but not charged yet).

Other items-

*Seeing a lot more orders for Night vision and thermal also. Currently shipping very quickly- NO 4 WEEK WAIT! For standard Visa/MC orders these order are running just a couple business days currently.

*Mountain House is seeing a lot of orders also- we have a large inventory in stock and continue the "buy 5 cases get a free water" deal. In addition we will do one of the four factory authorized sales here soon. Mt. House has a MAP policy that requires dealers not to ADVERTISE prices below a certain amount. Always CALL UP to get the best deal 912.379.9441


10-21-2014, 10:00 PM
Those Scott M95 masks sure have gone up... I agree, they are the best available! My primary for family...

What will the expiration of the M95 filters be when you get them in? 2024?


10-22-2014, 08:36 AM
Will post on the M96 dates when they arrive.