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04-03-2015, 05:17 PM
Combat Tracking Guide
By John D Hurth
As a follow on to tracking humans by Diaz I would say this book fills some holes left by Tracking Humans. I recommend reading this book second because it is very heavily geared towards, well,,, Combat tracking. Go figure. As such it covers in fairly good depth topics such as team tracking, movement, squad formations and reports. In fact the appendix takes up fully 1/3 of the pages and includes copies of every report you can imagine as well as photos of tracks and tires from several military vehicles. Also included are equipment lists, marking landing zones for helo's as well as tables of required space for different helicopters. Loaded with cool info though not all terribly applicable for the average civilian tracker to be. The sections on learning to read the age of sign such as discarded trash, broken branches and bent over grass was helpful as was the section on counter tracking. At $20 I think it was money well spent and I plan to read it a few more times over the next month or two to absorb info I missed on the first run. I'd give it 4 footprints out of 5.....