View Full Version : Leo as a mountain man....revenant review.

01-12-2016, 07:27 AM
Ok. Ill try to not add spoliers but read slowly.lol

Im not a fan of decraprio ...i see him i think gilbert grape.

Overall- it was pretty good. As in ill more than likely purchase it.
Its your standard..mountain man..j johnson..centenial meets last of the mochicans.

Violence/gore- same as above movies. Hawks..knives..muskets. well they arent airsoft. But it wasnt over done.
Yes animals are killed..consumed.
No..as much as the web has spread rumors there wasnt a ned beatty event with a bear. In reality...it was a pretty intense..scene that stayed realistic in how angry bears react.
I wouldnt let my 9 yr old watch but again ..not much crazier than other similar movies..so teens should be ok.

Leo did a good job..so did hardy. Good fight scenes..
Pay attention to everything. Its gritty at times and lots going on in some of the larger action scenes.

I dont do movies much..but it was entertaining and i dont feel ripped off...

01-12-2016, 09:38 PM
My wife so wants to see this, as do I, buy 12yo daughter, not so much... Thinks it too dark and depressing from the clips she saw at Star Wars. Just got to find a way to see the movie without daughter... Where are sleepovers when you need them?


01-13-2016, 07:15 AM
The reviews dont even really touch on it.
There is one or two scenes that may not be young teen worthy.
A quick flash of nudity(male)but in a very non sexual way...and so fast its kinda not noticed i bet. another was an indian women being sexually abused. While no nudity was shown..the effect is clear. Id say more to describe each etc but it kinda will give away some things.
Most of the depressing stuff is in dream/flashback scenes that are used slowly through out to explain glasses past etc etc.

Again...its not a happy movie...lol .but its far from "the road".
Mix these films to get an idea....

The patriot for action scenes and that "revenge" drive
Last of mochicans for fights and the drama part of it.
Imax nat geo special on yellow stone for scenery
Meets jermiah jonshon done with todays film advances.

The scenery in the film is awesome...the cgi on animals....not so much.
Imho todays cgi if done right is awesome but anyone whos been outdoors can see how cartoonish things look if done poorly.