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  1. Answered your questions about my picture!
  2. Congrats on the new job!! I have been getting my feet wet more and more with Oracle, I have found out that GRID lies to you (told me a backup was running but when I asked the TSM team they said no backup is running right now). We are migrating them to Linux slowly but surely same with our DB2 db's. Have fun learning! Of course in our profession learning goes without saying, can't make a career in this field without constantly learning.
  3. So I got a new job now working with a lot of different databases. My job is to function as a watchmonkey for "The Batch" that runs every day, keeping all the orders and master data visible to the stores up to date. I've gone from an Access/MS SQL server environment to one that primarily deals with Oracle.
    Not sure how I feel about that yet...
  4. Hey, glad to see a fellow *nix nut! I run Ubuntu on all my computers at home, except a couple of servers I keep running FreeBSD. I've been hoping to learn a little PostGreSQL, now that MySQL has been bought out.
    all in good time!
  5. My team does Windows/Oracle and we are migrating from Unix P-Series Frames to Linux on commodity servers for our DB2 stuff. There is some SQL Server in the company but not in my group. Linux is sweet!!
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