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  1. From what i remember he was. He went by Straight Razor, if i remeber right
  2. The eat the weeds guy was over at Kevins site for a good while. If you did not know he has quite a collection of utube vides and a channel also.


    He got feed up there with stupid people, i had to ding him a few times,
  3. yes sir i understand,

    You might want to check this post, i'm sure if i went over board, with links to other places. I'm not promoting the blog, i have dropped it with no plans to pursue it (i link to it out of convenience) the other one is a letter i take and it had already pulled the info form different sources already, i used it out of convince also. I saw no policy on how you want to treat other sites or links, if it goes against your policies feel free to pull the thread

    I saw no report button ***ociated with the threat or i would have done that way.

    I like the site and don't want to get off on the wrong foot, so ta speak
  4. Would you or are you considering producing video (when you have completed series) on DVD through your store? Kind like you did years ago with the medical (VHS). I have not been to your store lately either maybe i should have went there before i opened my mouth. lol
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