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    Where can I purchase bulk dehydrated eggs, milk and potatoes. I never seem to find them in our stores.

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    When we had the cannery, dehydrated milk came in 2,000 lb. "totes." That was a huge bag on a pallet.

    Everyone that worked for me hated to see pallets of milk come in. It meant that we had to stop everything else we were doing and can milk non stop till it was all gone. You had to or you risked losing a high dollar item quickly to humidity.

    And the milk powder got EVERYWHERE. Almost a half day to can a "tote" of it and it seemed like almost another half day to clean up afterwards...

    Some items it is better for the DIY home packer to purchase already pre-packaged. These include: cheese powder, dehydrated eggs, milk, tomato powder, butter and margarine powder, etc. In their true dehydrated form they are all extremely hydroscopic. You can easily ruin lbs. of it easily and this is all stuff that is measured in dollars per lb. instead of like $.30 cents a lb. like rice or wheat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Run1251 View Post
    Where can I purchase bulk dehydrated eggs, milk and potatoes. I never seem to find them in our stores.
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    This is a great thread. Thanks for all the info!
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    Wow, great info. Answers a lot of questions and does away with a lot of myths. Thank you.
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    we don't "rotate" food as much as we should.
    (I figured i'd get the confession out of the way first!)
    we realized there was no rice in the pantry. but there was some rice in #10
    cans purchased 2008 and packed jan. 2009. in the storeroom.
    can of rice opened and cooked.
    beef tips and rice!! yahoo.
    so.. 8 years old and looked/tasted great.

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