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    part of homesteading is death... it is just the way it is... even when you do your very best things happen... I would like to point out as well that animals are just that and the more they are pampered and coddled the less like animals they are... I used to coddle but then realized that in a true SHTF situation would I be able to continue what my animals were now expecting of me? In a real shtf could i provide fans, ice in bottles, heat lamps etc etc... likely not.. i quit coddling and do my best but they are not treated special in any way... though we still have the rare odd death it is actually less than when we pampered. they are back to being animals instead of half humans. Heck I can barely afford a fan for myself at this point much less my critters...

    it happens and better to learn now and work toward doing better than later on when your life could depend on it...
    Hmm, are we talking about kittens or my German Sheperds? In my case life dependency is exactly the case and I don't want to be on the receiving end of my babies. I am the master, the lover and the hand that feeds. I just assume stay there and continue knowing that they have all 3 of those respects for me. When I fall asleep you better make yourself known upon entering the room, product of love and respect.

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    you completely misunderstood what i was saying..

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    Homesteading is the only practical solution (for the survivalist) to a long term badtimes (economic meltdown, civil unrest, war, emp, terrorist attacks or most other reasonable scenarios).

    Mad Max is fun to watch, but is not practical. For long term planning, homesteading is the logical choice. Anyone planning on pillaging for a living, which is really the only viable option for the unprepared (with no morals), will not last long(i think).
    I agree with this. It is the long-term solution. Check out the book "Surviving Off- Off-Grid" by Michael Bunker for some good homesteading philosophy and ideas.


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    Why Homested?
    For the ability to develop deep family roots and have room for my son to run and play.
    Because I think owning your home and farm is worth more then any amount of money in a bank you can no longer access after a SHTF event.
    I thing when you have the tools and equipment as well as the livestock to work your farm or a trade that you have a real chance to take care of your family much more then haveing a 401k plan.
    It is about FREEDOM.
    If you own your landamdhome, have your own water, heat with wood. Then you grow your own food and have a trade. It is much harder for people or the goverment to attack you and your familys lifestyle.
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    The skills you learn while homesteading stay with you if you are forced to move suddenly. You might not always be able to take you preps with you. We have lived in several different houses in different climates and each was an opportunity to learn and practise skills. Many skills can be used and adapted no matter where you end up or what size block of land you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilowhiskey View Post
    I agree with this. It is the long-term solution. Check out the book "Surviving Off- Off-Grid" by Michael Bunker for some good homesteading philosophy and ideas.

    When we finished Mike Bunker's book, we completely changed our purspective on homesteading........instead of future mail-order chicks, we got a rooster......instead of AI for our sow, we now have an intact 225# and growing rapidly boar. Next spring we'll start working on turning some pasture into grains for us and the critters
    Colossians 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

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