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    When we first moved into our house we used rubbemaid bins for end tables. Three years later they're still there but with plywood, and cloth over them, can't tell they're 20 gallon totes unless you look.

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    I have a friend who was in the same boat, small house, not alot of extra income, no basement, fairly small yard. He found an old chest freezer, one of them big dudes that you can hardley reach the bottom about 6 feet long. Buried it in his back yard after painting the whole outside with bed liner. Then he built a garden type bench that sits on top, but folds back to expose the top of the freezer for access. Pretty slick job, you could never tell it was there, with the small amount of yard decorating he did around the bench. He can stack 5 gal buckets two high and two across with room on the sides in what he refers to his "food bunker".

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    For the normal sized canned foods like soups and veggies, you can build shelves between the wall studs and have removable panels to access them all over the house. If you wood paneled walls it is much easier than if the walls are Sheetrock of course. Virtually every wall in the haouse can be turned into storage that way. If your place is built with 2x6 studs, you even have the room to store long guns in that manner too.

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    I’ve thought about using septic tanks. (New ones, of course!) The clean out opening could be extended to ground level and easily concealed. Water proof the outside and it should provide protection for anything that you want to put in it.
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    don't forget to look up. below the rafters . It is a hot spot but if you get some of those 4x8 insulation sheets then cut 24in wide or what ever to get it op there can build a little box and then put some vent fans or if you have some AC pipes running by tie it in. If you have a flat roof or close I have seen several enclosures for a/c units on the roof. It will look strange when you first put it up there but tell people it is a second a/c unit or solar unit. Could even put solar panal on south side of it. Within 3 month's no one will think anything of it.

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    Lots of great ideas here. Thanks

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