So I've always found it funny that a couple of NV dealers like to act like they have "easy returns"


So OVER A MONTH AGO now I get a call from a fellow who believed the BS some dealer pushes about "if you don't like it I'll refund your money right away."

He told me horror stories about THREE units they sent him (he purchased one) trying to make him happy. He described the problems with each unit. These were PVS14's that were sold in the $3K plus price range and marketed as "so much better" than everyone elses blah blah blah.

I explained to him that he was probably getting RECYCLED units that others had also sent back realizing they were junk. If the dealer truly did "easy returns", was he simply going to scrap the crappy 14's? Hell no, that dealer was obviously recycling the crappy units to customers like him. Hence why the "easy returns" on Night Vision is a bunch of BS.

So after numerous phone calls with him and a bunch of emails wherein he was "waiting for a refund" from that dealer that pushes "easy returns" and "satisfaction guaranteed", he kept waiting. I decided to follow up with him as everyone is expecting a price increase from ITT after the first of April.
obert Henry
Mar 27 (6 days ago)

to Andy
Going through my old emails I found the email from you from almost a month ago asking me to hold a PVS14 from you while you were getting a refund for some other unit you got elsewhere that you weren't happy with.

Just a heads up, ITT/Exelis is raising tube prices on April 1st. I'm not sure how fast that will affect our prices, but it will affect our prices at least somewhat.

Just wanted to follow up with you as I won't be able to hold that price much longer due to the price increase. Let me know what's going on when you have a chance.


Mar 27 (6 days ago)

to me
I'm waitingon the arrival of their check, the I'll call you.

Often times you see dealers pushing this "compare ours to others and if you don't like ours we will refund your money" type BS. Folks, this is simply a MARKETING PLOY to try to build confidence in your purchase. As you can see from "Andy" above who is waiting for his "refund" for over a money now, it's all a bunch of Bravo Sierra.

If a deal seems to good to be true, if the terms seem so angelic and the sugar so thick to get you to buy, it's probably BS.

A good product will speak for itself. A good product will have piles of good reviews from EXPERTS in the field.

Be careful who you buy from, "Andy" is still waiting for his "easy refund"