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    This new subforum will be for hosting and discussing The Survival Report Podcast.

    We will be posting podcasts once a week, day and time to be determined soon. In addition, if all goes well, we'll be digitizing audiotape recordings of my old shortwave radio show "The Survival Report on shortwave" that aired from 1998 to August of 2000. We will call the old shows a "blast from the past."

    All of the shows, whether new or old, will be posted in .mp3 format. You'll need an .mp3 player to listen to the shows. Most computers I've owned from the late 90's on had some sort of mp3 player, so this should be an easy listen for most folks. Others might be able to make recommendations on where to get that software for your computer if need be.

    To keep file size manageable- remember I have to record these then upload them to the site- for a satellite connection, the new shows will be approximately 22 minutes long. After much experimenting this is the absolute longest we can do with decent audio quality to file the 8mb size limitation on attachments. I can't make them any longer and still be able to post them here, would if I could but I can't. Also, always remember, this is one of the many FREE services we offer here on the site.

    Also for other folks like me with spotty internet connections, this makes the downloads somewhat shorter and easier than an hour long show. You may have a super broadband 7million megabytes per nanosecond connection but many people do not- myself included.

    If you've watched any of the 70 or so videos I have floating around the net either at BuildanArk.net, via PAW Productions or Survival Report on youtube or any of the old radio shows, etc. you know I'm NOT an analytical type person. If this bothers you in my approach, or if it bothers you that I will make a joke every so often, or use a phrase from a movie in a joking matter, or if you are just an emotionless robot, the simple answer is just not to listen! This has been my approach for 20 years of teaching and instructing and I'm not going to change it for a few flavorless, non creative thinking types that only look at survival and preparedness from a linear "every peg must fit correctly and in order and we cannot enjoy ourselves or laugh while we are doing this" types. Sometimes the answer that works and works well isn't "by the book." Sometimes the approach that works is unorthodox and not straight out of the FM on non creative thinking.

    Just like in my postings, I will speak and teach from experience. Where my experience in a particular subject isn't vast or long term- for example I've only raised goats about 5 years now- I will say that. I will tell you upfront, I don't have all the answers. Unlike a lot of folks out there, I won't pretend to have all the answers. But I'll find them with you and we'll enjoy the journey and learn a heckuva lot on the way!

    I'm not afraid to discuss things that didn't work out for me, and my failures in preparing. A LOT of folks are absolutely terrified to do this now a days because of their perceived personnas and pride issues. Some of the things that have failed on me, may not yet have failed on you. Keep in mind also that I'm speaking from 25 years of experience also. I tell you about my mistakes and failures because YOU can learn from them and maybe you can avoid some of the pitfalls I made. If your not careful, some may think I'm being "negative" about a subject because I say bad things can happen with it. That's not being "negative" folks, that's being realistic. Survivalism really has no room for pollyannas. The Lord Himself said we are to be "wise as serpents but harmless as doves."

    Subject matter will vary, sometimes from week to week. Important subjects will be covered thoroughly. I repeat key points, get used to it. Like everyone else, I have certain vocal and phrasing "ticks" that I use repeatedly. Sometimes it's words or phrases that I had to train myself to say in place of other words I grew up using but shouldn't say on video or audio recordings. You get the picture.

    In general the Podcast will be PG13 type rating. I may let a damn or a hell slip here and there. I won't go crazy with descriptions of heinous crimes as some like to do on the net for sensationalism. We all do or should understand how bad the human heart really is and what people really are capable of. I won't go into details where it is not necessary just for "shock value" as others like to do. That being said, I suggest parents always listen by themselves. We sheltered our children from a lot of things when they were young and only in the last couple years really started explaining to them in better detail some of the reasons why we prepare. It's your call parents, I would suggest at the very minimum listening to a few on your own as I don't know how you have raised your children. I would say that if your kids watch regular TV, my show will be TAME in relation to regular TV.

    I welcome the discussion of any and all shows here on the forums. When glitches come up, they will be dealt with as surely as possible.

    Each new podcast will be posted on this subforum under the title "Survival Report Podcast date XX/XX/20XX"

    The intro show will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

    Robert Henry

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    Thank you LD3. I look forward to listening.

    "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

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    Appreciate the time and commitment to the site.

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