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    Survival Cupcake

    I recently ran across this receipe for making a 3-2-1 cupcake. It takes 3 Tbsp mix, 2 Tbsp water and 1 minute in the microwave. I am sure that you can modify your means of cooking for a metal cup at an open fire, dutch oven, solar oven, fresnal lense cooker, etc.

    What make this neat is you mix a box of Angel Food Cake Mix and another cake mix (Dutch chocolate in my case) in a ziploc bag and it will store for a long time. You can make a single cupcake (or more) at a time by adding only water. You need no milk, no oil and no eggs as the Angel Food Cake mix has dried egg whites already incorporated.

    I have tried it in the microwave and it works great.

    A small ziploc of the mix in your camping gear takes no room and it might make a welcome change to your taste buds.

    The website is:

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    Wonder how you cook it without a microwave. Can you just bake it in a dutch oven with charcoal bricks?? This is a great idea.

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    I am copying this recipe and will try it. I love to have a variety of recipes for use later if we need them. How would you bake it on a camping trip?

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