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    stocking up - cheap stuff

    i went to the n.c. preparedness conference. one of the speakers topic was
    inexpensive items that folks would need when shtf that are readily available now!
    so i invite you to add to the list. and add a short comment.
    please only add 1 or two items per post to allow folks to participate... i want you guys
    and gals to put your brains to work.. it's saturday. what will you use today as you work
    around the house.

    and trying to get us all to consider the little things that are available now that
    would be so helpful.
    yes a tractor and a deer rifle would be helpful but for this exercise let's put a $20 limit
    on your suggested item!

    1. scissors -- many uses and many types - cutting hair - repairing clothes - medic bags

    2. fishing line - i've sewed up a tent and a backpack with mono. and fishing!

    your turn! please contribute as you think of things.

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    Nails. screws. nuts and bolts.

    After Halloween, when the costumes go on sale is a great time to pick up glow sticks on the cheap.
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    well i'll be at real work soon so.....LOL

    wire nuts- most folks dont think about having to fix electrical issues, and electrical tape sucks when wet or after getting to hot.( it does help to have it though)

    6-N-1 screwdriver- besides a small 6 inch pair of channel locks, this is most versatile tool to have imho. It's one tool that not only have 4 screwdriver's , the shaft doubles as nut drivers. They make 10 N 1's like klien tools makes but they are over your budget of 20$

    kevlar thread- this can be had at flyfishing shops etc. ( bass pro for example). It can double for sutures,fishing,snares, equipment repairs . A double duty item for sure.

    and thats my sat AM pre work..thoughts
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    Rope, Tent stakes, String, shovel, hoe,,, everybody needs a good hoe when SHTF!! LOL (sorry admin), Salt blocks, skinning/filleting knife, zip lock freezer bags (tougher).

    Needless to say I'll be gardening, setting blocks for cattle and evaluating pond production (fishing) today.

    This is what I call "Real Work", the thing I do through the week is just my JOB.
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    Wind-up alarm clocks...not the elcheapo chicom ones, but real, made in the US of A versions, usually from the 1950s. I have found several at flea markets and antique stores (usually at the back of a shelf) in good operating condition, but in need of cleaning. Typically $3 - 8 each. If you get real lucky, a mantle clock (8 or 31 day), but they usually go for $50 or more.

    Hand powered mixer. Hand drills. Push reel mower (again, right time-right place). Clothesline. Fertilizer. Electrical cords. Spare plugs, sockets and switches. Light bulbs.
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    Sewing needles, heavy-duty thread, and heavy-duty patches for clothes. If you get the iron-on patches you can use the bottom of a hot cast-iron pan to "iron" on the patch.

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    Aluminum Foil- 1 Billion Uses
    Socks- I have bought 20 packs for $5. Double and even triple them up for comfort. Water Filter, carry things in them, put rocks in them and whoop zombies
    You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?

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    CAN OPENERS!!! NOT those funky military ones though - no way can my old, stiffening fingers and hands use them - decent SwingAway type that are easy to use and last forever.

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    A big plastic tub $5-10 at wal-mart and a plunger type clothes washer/agitator for $18. No need to wear dirty clothes when the SHTF, lol
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    today i did some maintenance on a machine.
    could not get the oil filter off.
    oil filter 8.99

    filter remover with strap - adjustable for many size filters. 9.00

    fuel filter for gas and diesel containers. ? probably under $10

    great ideas. you've hit many of the items the speaker brought up.

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