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Thread: Back home safe

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    Back home safe

    I just returned to the US from Iraq, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers while I was deployed. Take care and God Bless.

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    Praise the Lord! And thank you for serving! May the Lord bless you.

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    Very glad you are home safe, thank you for your Service.

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    Thanks for the service troop.

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    Welcome back, your service is appreciated by most.

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    We're glad your back home safe. Thank you so much for serving our country. I have a cousin who is due to come back from Kuwait later this year. Fortunately he was able to come back for his daughter's first birthday. We really do appreciate the sacrifices our troops are making for us over there. God bless!

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    another Thank You Lord,
    and another Thank You for your service.
    i believe He appreciates your dropping by and saying Thank you and acknowledging Him!

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