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    as we hunker down from the virus, wife comes in the house with a large container of lemonade mix.. looks like a container of oat meal... but a magic marker has written 8/11 on it...
    so... bought august 2011...
    i was a little concerned about something bad that happens to sugar over time...

    this was good stuff! and we are still kicking..

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    If it's not swelled, doesn't stink or move, it's probably good. :-)

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    2-days ago I pan-fried some chicken with 7-month beyond best-date canola oil. Ms. Foster took one bite and turned-up her nose. More for me. I handed her the bottle of oil; she could smell the semi-rancid oil, I couldn’t. I knew cooking oil and shortening went rancid but I didn’t think it would go that fast. Any suggestions for cooking oil for COLMOLLIIN? I know some save bacon grease...

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    I cook a lot of bacon and save the bacon grease in pint canning jars. I've never had one go rancid.

    As for other oils, I've never had a sealed bottle of any kind of oil go rancid. I think the solution is to buy smaller bottles. I don't use vegetable oils, but I do have some in storage for emergencies.

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