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Thread: SHTF knife

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    EX121 you said what i was thinking. PLUS AT A GOOD PRICE!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhawk View Post
    something to skin with,chop wood,procetion. thick and sharp long enough to do all that just my wish list. that is what i keep trying to make.
    I am using a Khukuri seen here http://www.sarcoinc.com/bayo-kukris.html Item BAY044 -- Military 12 inch Khukuri

    I am modifying them by redoing the handles and sheath...the blades are dull when they come but that is easy enough to fix.
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    Again, there are many knives to choose from. Characteristics that I would look for in a knife that I would want for SHTF (which I guess would mean long term survival, without Rule of Law, and no means of resupply in the known future).

    1. Blade length between 5-7 inches.
    2. Choil and jimping to allow more detail work.
    3. Carbon steel. This steel is strong and easily sharpened. It holds it edge well. Downside, it can rust but a drop of oil every now and then would solve this problem.
    4. Micarta handle or any handle that would be easy to hold when the hands are wet, dry or covered in blood.
    5. I like Flat grind on blade. This is usually less prone to chipping.
    6. Blade thickness 3/16" to 1/4" to allow for prying.
    7. Must be able to perform many tasks well.
    8. Laynard hole. I don't want to lose my blade WTSHTF.
    9. Drop point blade as it allows many tasks. Spear point is not bad either and may be better for stabbing.
    10. Dedicated area to strike a fire steel other than the blade edge.
    11. Full tang. Not a little sliver of metal running through the handle, but a full slab of metal that will withstand hard use.
    12. Fixed blade.
    13. Well balanced.

    Tasks I would want the knife to do well:
    1. Fine work for making snares, trimming/skinning game and fish.
    2. Breaking nuts, digging plants, etc.
    3. Baton
    4. Chopping wood
    5. Long enough to be used for a defensive blade if needed.
    6. Prying
    7. Drilling
    8. Slicing meat, chopping leafy plants, preparing food.
    9. Cutting cloth, and rope.

    There are many blades out there that can be good blades for SHTF. ESEE, Becker, K-Bar, Ontario, Blackbird SK-5, Cold Steel to just name a few. There are many other knife manufacturers that make good blades as well. Look at what you most likely need in your idea of SHTF and hold it. If you like it, buy it and start using it. But...remember you get what you pay for. This is a blade you will be depending upon for your survival. Choose wisely.
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    Very well thought out reply sheepdog.I must add I like the mental image I have of this knife.I think a drop point with a swedge on the spine would be stabby and yet handle camp chores well.I totally agree on the dedicated fire striker area other than the edge and have incorporated it into a survival proto that benchmade has right now.Might be time to get out the sketch pad.
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    Take my bk7 make it one to two inches shorter ..cut a echelons on the top side for bone etching and firesteel...swap out the plastic handles formicarta.thar would primly be the best of all worlds.then Shaun I think a more military clipper is s good knife lol
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    A non folding knife that can skin and butcher a deer and still be usable with very little work. Tough spine but not brittle. Has abilities to use a spear. Must be large enough to get into vitals if used as a weapon. Well balanced and easily sharpened. Quality sheath that locks in with little movement of effort
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    Yep, you have to have a blade that's tough, but not so hard it has a brittle tip. Thick enough to pry as well as chop. At least 6" blade, kydex sheath, parachord wrapped handle, partially serrated.
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