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    Wednesday, 6:30 AM, Denver, Colorado

    Jim Williams was a successful man. He had worked hard in his life to get where he was at and had everything a man could want for. He had started out his career in a large brokerage firm before making a small fortune in the dot-com bubble before selling off just in time to avoid a complete wipeout. Afterwards he had started his own business taking several wealthy clients away from the firm and investing their money wisely and, more importantly, at a profit. He could evaluate market trends just by taking a glance at a daily report, identify which companies would be successful just by reading a news article and which currencies would be ahead of the game three months down the road. All in all, he was considered a genius by his counterparts and extremely lucky by others.

    A millionaire by the age of twenty-four, his own personal fortune had continued to grow as he played the markets shrewdly and without hesitation. Careful planning and quick actions were his watchwords and even in the depressed economy of late he was doing just fine when others were failing badly. And although he was straight as an arrow, he had been investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission a half dozen times for insider trading. However, there was no impropriety on his part and they had always chalked it up to
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