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    Entitlement Brigade get bigger every day!!! I used to think Solar Flare, EMP, etc would be the death nail for this country, but it is the waves of unapologetic, unembarrassed entitlement bunnies that our our biggest threat. They will be the reason that the economy tanks, and they will be the people you have to shoot to keep them from entitling themselves to your stuff.
    Amen!!! Well said!

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    Number where we live is way under that one. However, it is a growing number as the Feds mandated we build more Section housing for deadbeats they want to move in on us. I can tell you in the schools we have around 2000 kids on the free lunch program. Most of them from households with many kids in them. What is really bad is this lifestyle is becoming ingrained in the kids and they will follow in the same footsteps their parents walked in. They will out breed us in a short time and we will work to support the worthless. GB

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