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    Survival medicine class a review

    I was recently invited to a private Survival Medicine class put on by JRH enterprises. I took a few bumps and bruises type 1st aid classes way back in boyscouts and learned the ABC
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    A few pics from the last class.

    We have purchased even more training aids to help with the hands on portions including to do crichs, treat tension pneumothorax, work on airway management, etc.

    Folks their is a BOATLOAD OF MATERIAL crammed into the one day offerings of this class. EVERYONE who has attended one of the one day classes has said it was a heckuva VALUE for the small price! I've paid considerably more for classes wherein in one day all we worked on was applying TQ's or done some book work... So as someone that does have a reference point for COMPARISON, their is a lot of value in this class!

    See you on April 7th in Orlando!
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