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    Retreat setup series continued-Podcast


    Continuation of the retreat setup series.

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    What no mood music!?! LOL
    Bubbas Place
    I think IMO the hardest part of bubbas plan is not the security but living quarters. So we all show up to even a 3 bedroom house that’s gonna get cramped real fast with a dozen folks. It’s something I think on and struggle with because I might be bubba or I might be going to bubbas.
    The storage of supplies is going to be tough too because it would take 2-3 trailer loads with pickups of supplies just to move food, ammo, firewood, gear, fuel, weapons, clothes, water containers, filters, medical, traps, solar, tools, gear etc. AND a camper if I was to show up. It’s one of the reasons I can’t understand the discussions on jeeps, blazers and motorcycles being the ultimate BOV. Of course of it’s the last minute bugout then it would be less but unless it was a certain event I shouldn’t be waiting that long. And on that note how welcome would you and your 3 family be somewhere with no more than bags and a few guns that that undersize bed of a jeep can hold? Sure aint gonna be no year! If that’s your plan you had better pre-position at bubbas!
    Some folks believe that after IT happens they can live long term in tents. Horsepoowie You can’t make it camping some weekends around here with hail, wind, snow, ice and tornados much less hostile hungry critters post paw.
    On the duties Military Field NCOs understand manning concepts in hostile primitive environments very well with limited resources. The tough part is not showing or accidentally giving preference for duties or times that are the best. For those that don’t know 24 hr ops the shifts around bedtimes or just before you get up are the best because NO ONE wants to get up in the middle of sleep to pull duty to only get 2hrs more before time to reawaken to get the day started with physical labor. Couples must also understand that they will NOT always get duty together, in fact probably the opposite for many reasons. Now you throw in child rearing in the mix while growing, protecting, hunting, continuing improvements, patrols etc and the toll will be huge. Now throw in illness, failure to return from patrols or duties due to things happening and manpower begins to dwindle and tours lengthen as the job doesn't disappear.
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