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    Training groups series


    A new series devoted especially to TRAINING GROUPS, the inner workings, the differences between a training group and a retreat group, etc.

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    I still use the standard Army three tiered training pattern to set training up. Task-Conditions-Standards
    If you are assigned/volunteer for training then own it and leave nothing to chance!

    I put in extra time, money and effort and many times will put in double or more the hours that we will be training to ensure an event can be pulled off. I am passionate about it because I know it saves lives.

    In the case of the compass course I had to do map recon, actual recon, laws and regulations research of the lake area we used, set the course, type up the instructions, walk the course, walk outside the course for the parameters of anyone who might be lost, remove/minimize any dangers, send out e-mails and show up early to do set up and walk thru.

    In addition to the Task-Conditions-Standards I always have a twist. This twist will sometimes incorporate something we have previously done but at speed and will test the abilities/knowledge of those involved. It keeps the training from being mundane and will build confidence when done correctly and give us something else to build on if it fails. In the case of the compass course there were 2 twists. One was a ghillie suit "sniper" set 5yds off the course to see what happened. The second was in their instructions along with the next azimuth there were instructions on a natural resource they needed to collect and bring back to the finish/start point.

    The reason for this twist is because if we are out navigating then we need to be pulling security in addition to navigating and we need to be collected natural resources so as not use all ours up so all eyes don't need to be focused on the map/compass if there is a team.

    This is just food for thought and you might have a different approach to it and how you train your people and I would love to hear about it because I might pick up something as I can always improve and struggle to do so.
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    you know LD3 I want to go on record here.. with all sincerity.. thank you for what you do!! when a man gives without expectation of return he deserves to be praised.. I KNOW,, it's no big deal.. and 75 years ago I would agree. But today ,, not so much.. anyways without sounding like a total fan boy.. Thanks you for giving to us all.... btw. whats wrong with BBQ Elephant?
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