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    Training group series 2


    Part 2 of the training group series...

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    Comments on 1&2

    I heard it was the dreaded saber toothed polar bunnies brought in by fema that could smell brass cases three feet underground.

    2 canoes, I was always told the only thing you get by standing on both sides of the fence is a sore crotch.

    This is a good definition of a training group and this is a good podcast. I don’t see anything wrong with a training group. Is it my ultimate goal, of course not? Are we striving for other levels, absolutely!?! LD3 When you speak it is in the voice of the leader of the group and sometimes I do as well however I know I am also always being tested to see if I am a good fit for them as well. If you find you are not a good fit it isn’t the end either as some groups have different methods or motivations so find one that fits and work hard to stay in it. I have removed myself from groups because I could see the end of the tracks and didn’t want to take that ride and it didn’t make either me or them right or wrong it just wasn’t to be.
    The training group can weed out. It can reveal many things like dedication. It shows who is the internet commando and won’t ever come at all. We have rooted out many talkers by simply training and not being coffee shop ninjas. Things happen where folks cannot be there and we are realistic about that approach and we cover things multiple times in hopes that everyone can learn it and for practice. I will take a person who can only come every so often but like you said does things on their own anytime of the day.
    No one knows it all; no one is expected to know it all. The pride must be swallowed and things must be learned from all. Crawl, walk then run approach. No one is expected to do a particular task all the time either. An example is that everyone is a rifleman however not everyone is on the response team. The fact that no one knows it all is the reason this type of group is so important. Seek diversity in new members as well because the world if full of “good people” (that don’t know sh..) but you need skills in order to expand the horizons.

    The funnel is a good analogy.

    We all take turns at leading things and hosting things and even going out and learning things and bringing them back to the group so that it isn’t a burden on everyone and it doesn’t become a one man show.
    Positive attitude is something needed in order for the group to make it long term because negative things do happen. I struggle with things myself and bad attitude, yes I know hard to believe right LOL, but someone is usually there to pick me back up and that shows a lot to me.
    I have found a good training group of good folks that are flexible, willing and motivated. I cannot encourage others to jump out there and either find one or better yet form one and take it in the direction you want.
    Knowledge is Power, Practiced Knowledge is Strength, Tested Knowledge is Confidence

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