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    Hello from Colorado

    Hi Folks, From some of the posts I have seen, I "know" a few folks on here and I'm sure more than a few are familiar with me. I am a member on several other similar topic forums, and while I don't post much, I read a lot. My excuse for not posting is that some one else has already said what I was going to and with minimum character requirements it's difficult to say +1 or ditto or I agree. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what you all have to say and hopefully contributing in some small way, and making new friends along the way.

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    Welcome :-)

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    I think if you "know" a few of the members on here, chances are you've seen them in the police reports <cough> <cough> <Matt> <cough> <cough>

    Welcome to the boards!
    Experience is a cruel teacher, gives the exam first and then the lesson.

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    Welcome to the forums, we are glad your here!
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault your poor?"

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    I didn't think I knew you... but your style sure looks familiar!!

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    Welcome from Florida.
    I spent one winter in Colorado. It's way too dadburned cold for a Florida boy.
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    Lived in Colorado for 8 years (20 years ago). Was nice then :-)
    "Common sense might be common but it is by no means wide spread." Mark Twain

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmycthemd View Post
    Lived in Colorado for 8 years (20 years ago). Was nice then :-)
    It's still nice here, but we've picked up a bunch of undesirables along the way. We're gonna teach 'em manners come next November.

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    Welcome to S & P we are glad you are here. Lots of good people and info here.

    Include meta tags on threads you start so that they will be easier to search for.

    Check out the blog articles there is some good info there.

    Look on youtube for videos made by PAW Productions - delta69alpha and also Survival Report.

    Lastly share your experience with the rest of us.


    I lived in Denver in the late 90's...loved the weather, the views, and good people out there.
    "It's a trap!!!!" -- Admiral Ackbar

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