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    i see blue 55 gallon barrels on craigslist for sale,they claim to be "food grade"..my ? is,would these barells be ok to store gasoline in? i know plastic jug like milk jugs wont last long with gasoline..the blue barrels are lot thicker..also,how long would this gas be good if treated with PRID G?
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    I don't know the answer to the blue barrels question..

    your comment/question about the pri g -
    I turned about 30 gallons of boat fuel into weed killer because I thought it was no good...
    there's a thread on here somewhere..?
    it was over 3 years old and after we drained the fuel we put in fresh and boat cranked very quickly...
    no carb problems..

    I think I wasted 30 gallons of fuel..

    pri g may perform as well as the stihl fuel.

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    We had a thread about how long PRI-G lasts after opening the bottle (that I know about).

    As for using PRI-G, I feel it is one of the better fuel preservatives in the market. Most of the recommendations of PRI-G usage is to add the correct dosage to the fuel quantity yearly. I feel if your fuel is sealed in an air tight container, you can go a lot longer than that.

    The more important factor (my opinion) would be to buy ethanol free fuel, PRI-G treat it and store it in an air-tight container.

    I don't know if the food grade blue barrels are up to the task, but I know that 5 gallon Jerry cans are.

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    I plan on using the food grade barrels for kerosene because they're the same plastic used for the blue kero cans.

    I would think the red plastic Blitz gas cans are the same as the food grade plastic barrels.

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    I would be concerned about the EXPANSION danger with standard 55g barrels with no safety vent... My Sceptre cans can get quite bulbous in summer heat, but I know they are designed to handle those pressures. Not sure what would happen with a barrel... Would suck to have a rupture and spilled gasoline everywhere...

    If they are NOT using them now, I would wonder if there is a reason why...
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    I'm no chemical engineer, but I have read (on the internet) that this blue barrel (link below) is made of EXACTLY the same plastic as a red 5 gallon plastic gasoline can.


    So I would say if the specs between the two barrels match, then you "should" be ok from it chemically melting.

    One thing to keep in mind, for long term storage you would want the least amount of air possible in the barrel. There is quite a few variables in determining the weight of a gallon of gas. But one SWAG number for 55 gallons of gas is 340 pounds.

    Something to think of if you move forward with your plan.
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    I know most of you guys live "out of town." I don't know it, but I sure suspect (hope so) it.

    I think my truck holds 24 gallons or so... that is 5 of those red containers I hear folks discuss.
    I'm thinking that a bunch of us ought to be shopping for fuel tanks of 500 gallons and up.
    living in the country, placing a 500 gallon tank or two behind a shed, shouldn't be hard to do.

    however, hauling that 500 gallon tank up the steps at the apartment/condo would be a little more of a burden!!!

    sams unleaded today was 1.86

    to have any ability to travel, mow, plow, till, if all I have is the 5 5 gallon containers, that won't be much fuel..
    one fill up for my truck... 1 and 1/2 for the brides jap car.

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    The only plastic cans we use for fuel are for the smaller quantities of "mix" for the chainsaws.

    Honestly I see no use for plastic fuel cans for storage.

    I've accidentally half crushed a 5 gallon NATO can with a small bulldozer. It still held fuel. I've seen a 5 gallon metal NATO can with diesel in it get caught in the center of a grass fire- it didn't burn. Plastic would have burnt. Back when a bug out was a necessity when I lived in Florida, I kept two 5 gallon NATO cans of gas inside a Jeep. Sloshed around in there for months- Never smelled gas. Try any of these things with plastic cans.

    This is outside whatever chemical reasons not to use plastic also- just practical stuff.

    Sand down the outside of the cans if they are not new and spray coat them with spray underlining coating. The cans will last longer.

    Look for cans that held DIESEL preferably, if buying used. Diesel is a lubricant, gas is a solvent. The cans that clearly smelled of diesel seemed to hold up better than ones that smelled more like gas.

    Bought a couple dozen of these back in 1998. None of them were babied, been left out, slung around in heavy equipment, trucks, stored in high humidity, high moisture areas. One failure- just a pinhole- in all that time.

    If you can find them, buy metal cans.
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    I keep some non ethenal gasoline in plastic barrels. I was worried they they might leak, so I used 30 gal barrels and put them inside an open top 55 gal barrel. I usually rotate the fuel out about once a year. I have not had any leaks and the level stays the same, so apparently there has been no lose through the barrel. The barrels are kept inside a partially open pole barn.

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    I have been surprised that fuel is still relatively cheap. and started to post a thread encouraging folks to buy while "low"
    ran a search and found this oldie...

    not much new, that I can contribute! except a reminder...
    this may be a good time to load up on some non ethanol gasoline and diesel.

    I spoke with a local fuel distributor and he says his diesel has -0- biofuel in it!!

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