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    Bugging Out Challenges

    This is a map of the Tennessee River. As you can see, it dips down into Northern Alabama, just below where I spend a lot of time.

    If the SHTF, I need to get to Northwest Florida along the Gulf Coast. I've researched the bridges across this river, there is one bridge for each of the four Alabama County. 2 of these bridges are two land tressel bridges, one is part of I-65, the other is a 4 lane bridge on the far eastern side of the state.

    So, I recognize that I have a problem. I've researched several different routes and know that I'm in big trouble if I don't recognize a SHTF event very, very early.

    Celente, in his stories about his escape from the earthquake in Chile, reported that most of the people staying in the hotel where he stayed were waiting for someone in authority to tell them what to do. Fortunately, I usually act first and wait for directions later. This has sometimes got me in trouble with authorities at times, but I know that that trait is what separates the survivalists from the sheeple.

    I've thought about early warning signs, and here are mine:
    • Communicable diseases that spread rapidly
    • Overnight bank closures
    • EMP or Solar Flares
    • Signs of impending war
    • Biological, Chemical or Nuclear attack on the U.S.

    What are your early warning signs??? How would you recognize them??

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    We had a thread here about triggers, so you might check that out. As for getting across the river, how wide/deep/etc.? Is there any way you can get a personal floatation device that would take you across it with whatever you're carrying? I'm thinking a car inner tube would do it in a crunch....

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