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    Specialty type ammo

    Probably fired some Chinese steel core back in the day but didn't even realize it, couldn't tell you what it looked like- heck may still have some in storage?? But that's supposed to be AP correct?

    What about some of this "specialty" ammo you see from time to time? "Incendiary", "Starburst" (I prefer Lifesavers but no one asked me lol). Anyone seen or shot any of this type of stuff?

    You could see a use for having some of it.

    Back in the day you used to see this stuff semi cheap at shows, but you hardly even see tracer any more.

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    I bought a long time ago some "Door Buster" 12g rounds that are compressed dust slug to blow hinges and door locks SAFELY...

    The only one of any use I can recall is maybe incendiary... All the rest was novelty stuff, IMO...

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    Tracer has it's place, but it is heck to clean out the bore. You can use it to direct fire, start fires, signal, show direction of support fire/air support. and you can put one up from bottom to tell you your on your last cartridge and your scared crap less and forget to count. Not very lethal. It has a holy crap effect on the thinking target. Now they have taser 12 ga rounds , that might come in handy.

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    You can still find .30 cal AP pull-downs on the net. Another good reason to reload...There is a large variety of .50 cal pull-downs as well... Just sayin'...

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    Careful with some of that "novelty" ammo. Especially the 12ga, found out the hard way that the "bird bombs" is highly corrosive. Was growing green gunk in barrel by the time I got home from the range. did not clean it well enough and had fuzzz and rust growing in the barrel the next time i checked it, week or so later. Same went for the dragons breath.
    I would not trust my life to it either. Use what works. Theres a reason its not wildly popular.

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    Nothing special but bunch of ya guys got some last campout...
    Got some steel core 792 ...and 54r...and 39 ...
    I've always wondered how modern plates would hold up on 792 since its always 51..06...54r..39...556 in most test...
    I know its similar to 06' but faster iirc (depending on country)
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    Quote Originally Posted by protus View Post
    I've always wondered how modern plates
    I watched 30.06 AP ammo pass straight through an AR500 plate. I instantly thought about trying to find an M1 but remember that they cost TOO MUCH.

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    Chinese steel core back in the day …….. supposed to be AP correct?
    It is not really AP but it has a mild steel penetrator backed by lead that gives it more penetration like 5.5645mm NATO SS109/M855 round. Bought 2000 rds of Chinese military ammo before Clinton banned it from importation. Good buy $100 for a new SKS + $75 for 1000 rounds. We tested it on steel plates where lead 7.62x39 mm self-destructed in a blue flash leaving 1/4:” crater. The steel core went a bit deeper and welded the core to the plate. Not close to a 308 or 3006 penetration though.

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