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    Anyone know the exact highest historical price for gold and silver during the run up in the 1970's?

    A chart from the time Nixon took us off the gold standard to now would be good to see the highs and lows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockriver View Post
    it's been a month...
    and time to check the upward progress of your pm stores.. (notice I said "yours!")

    two ways to think about it...
    1. O sheet!! it's down. I lost money!

    2. Yee Hah! buying opportunity. even better than when ld asked.

    take your choice... or choose both! me... I just made another purchase and disposable monies are limited right now!

    gold is about 1250
    silver is about 17.50

    for gold that is about 5% down from our starting point of 1320
    for silver about 12% down from our start of 20.

    I always see it as a buying opportunity. I'm all about....

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    I remember someone with a similar name that I haven't seen on the net in a long time.
    sing out....

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    with the no. Korean threats of war... I wondered what gold/silver were doing...
    gold spot 1292.
    silver spot 17.22

    no significant change since this thread started.

    I don't remember the question about a chart, but that would be interesting...

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