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    Book reviews- POST em!

    Come on now, what have you been reading? Is it any good? Applicable to preparedness?

    Post about it to let others know.
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    I have really been enjoying Matthew Bracken's "The Enemy's" trilogy... Great writer! Engaging.

    The "Synchronicity Key" by David Wilcox. Our spirituality is so much deeper and there is so much more "out there" than we can even imagine... It keeps one's perspective in check when it all looks to be heading to destruction.

    Rot, Riot, and Rebellion:Thomas Jefferson's Struggle to Save the University that Changed America by Rex Bowman. Shows nothing new under the sun in politics and how hard Jefferson fought for a school free from denominational bondage and build free thinking, independent citizens.

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    Having just moved I'm super busy right now but in a couple weeks I'll do some of H.John Poole's books. Tequila Junction, Tigers Way, Phantom Soldier... They are all fairly similar and seem to recycle much of the same info. There are however a few nuggets hidden in there. I will tell you before I do any of the reviews that Mr Poole has a soft spot for Asian militaries and tactics. So much so using his logic it's a miracle ANY western army has ever defeated an Asian foe.. just throwing that out there ahead of time
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