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    Sons of liberty DVD, TV miniseries

    Guessing this was a TV mini series obviously on the RE history channel....

    Evidently produced and directed by his majesty's royal propaganda unit, the mini series depicts the American Revolution largely happening because a handful of drunks led by Sam Adams- you know the BEER GUY RIGHT???- got out of control.

    The poor British statists were simply here minding their own business, if it wasn't for 'drunk ole Sam Adams' and the THUGS he had hanging around him....

    Seriously, big statist theme in the series. Nice British governor of naughty old Boston was just trying to be a nice guy, if it wasn't for those meddling colonists!!!


    Enter Ben Franklin, drunk womanizer, hell you see him PAY A HOOKER for services and then make arrangements for her to "come by next Thursday." I was figuring they would have him slap her on the butt also, or pimp slap her......


    Everyone is out for the bucks, all the signers of the Declaration are portrayed as scheming business man looking to make a buck who will sell out for an extra shilling. Fits with the "evil capitalist" undertones in current society now huh?

    Washington is portrayed as a scrub that couldn't make it in the British military. He only has a few lines in the show but at one point he pronounces to the Continental Congress that he is "going to Boston to kill Gage, anyone have any objections?" So fitting with the current TV media hype, you expect UFC 001 Washington vs. Gage with a full bro down. Thankfully they avoided that. Instead Washington is portrayed as a weakling sitting with Gage while Gage is telling him how much of a screw up he was in the British military.

    Of course EVERYONE is completely secular, everyone in the show.

    One thing I was surprised on was how the show portrayed blacks. I was expecting one of the two TV extremes- either with the whites beating them senselessly or the other extreme with the Continental Congress looking like an NAACP meeting. Instead they showed blacks fighting alongside the Patriots like brothers.

    We know that shows like that are REVISIONIST history. And yes yes yes someone will come with the "it's just entertainment" mantra. However, your average person knows CRAP about history, literally crap on a stick. So they watch shows like this and AT THE VERY LEAST, this revisionist garbage starts to mix with any "real" history they may know.

    A perfect example of this- a 27 year old I know, not the dullest tool in the shed either, was talking about WWII with me one time. He said "I thought the japs bombed Pearl Harbor and then the next day we dropped the atom bomb and it was over." My 13 year old (at the time) looked at me with wide eyes and I asked the 27 year old (publix skewl graduate) where he saw that at. His reply was skewl and watching the history channel!!!!

    If they are putting garbage like this out on TV, I can't imagine the crap they are teaching in da publix edumacattion sis'dem now a days!!!

    Every time we sat down to watch it, my son said "prepare to be REVISED." LOL
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault your poor?"

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    Just another way they try to rewrite history and impress their views of it on todays society. Unfortunately, people will buy into it.

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    "I thought the japs bombed Pearl Harbor and then the next day we dropped the atom bomb and it was over."

    LOL.. Yep the Marines were just island hopping in the pacific as part of a beach party tour.. Kind of a collection of thank you activities for the new recruits.. Since the Army was having so much fun partying and drinking their way through Italy and France, especially those damn spoiled mountain division guys with all the skiing they got in it just seemed right to give the Marines a little fun time also..

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