I'm going to take a couple weekends off to get rested up for this. If it's anything like last year- we did a YEAR'S WORTH of Thermal sales in 8 days..... ORDER EARLY to avoid the backups that WILL COME AGAIN!!!

FLIR is offering some great REBATES on popular models of thermal imagers- offer valid November 21-28, 2016


$200. on the RS24
$500. on the RS32 1.25
$500. on the RS32 2-9X
$500. on the RS32 4-16X
$750. on the RS64 1-9X
$750. on the RS64 2-16X

SCOUT II/III Series thermal handheld models-

$100. on the Scout II or III 240
$250. on the Scout II or III 320
$350. on the Scout II or III 640

No rebates on the Scout TK available.

Same as last year, FLIR will send you a prepaid Visa after You follow their instructions for completing the rebate. We (JRH) cannot submit the rebate for you. We will provide you everything you need to file the rebate.

Experience from last year-

1. ORDER EARLY! There WILL be delays from FLIR on these again, I can promise you that. Waiting till the last day to get your order in just puts you behind hundreds of other orders. Early orders last year during the rebate period shipped quickly, people that waited till the weekend or the last day to order were waiting many, many weeks on FLIR to ship their units.

2. Do your "research" BEFORE the rebate period
. My phone was ringing literally from 7-8am through midnight every day during that time period, including a handful of people that called on Thanksgiving. I will NOT be answering the phone after noon on Thanksgiving this year to be able to spend some time with my family. If you have questions, ask them now via phone or email to save time on the phone during the busy rebate time.

3. During the busy rebate period- CALL with your questions, don't email. I was literally so busy it was easier to rapidly spit out answers on the phone versus typing long emails. Finally, understand that as much as I love to BS with customers about politics, training, guns, etc. during this time period I will not have time to do that.