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    My goal is to get a below ground shelter.
    use up old supplies replace with new I am now eating meals from 1980s
    slowly continue to stock up on trade goods
    Improve my alt energy
    continue to use and rotate med supplies needed/keep a yrs supply ahead at all times
    Pray a lot

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    Adding a 3/4 ton truck and a trailer to start moving all my things to the new homestead.
    What a long, strange trip it's been.....

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    I have a list that I check often. Food, water, gear, security items, comfort items, and yes, transportation.

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    Expand my garden, more water sources, making sure my vehicles are properly tuned up, and a lot more.

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    Fall/winter preparations. Empty fuel tanks in yard equipment and chainsaw, run out remaining gas. Changeover of vehicle bags (winter clothing, etc.). Check fuel stores for 'freshness/self-imposed expiration dates'. Prep generators for winter storms. Review winter bug-out routes and bug-in procedures (yes, they're different by seasons...cold vs hot weather, ice etc...). Make sure I have sufficient 'maintenance' supplies for equipment...oil, filters, etc. for all winter equipment.
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    adding to storage capacity.
    new building that will have water, electric, and bathroom..
    got a good deal on septic tank for this building.

    can use it for storing equipment.. or.. sleeping quarters.
    high roof. we may build 2nd floor over part.

    also, looking at ability to travel/camp.

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