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    why should i store food? sometimes there's a late freeze

    we had a nice warm spell..
    the trees and bushes knew it was warm time and went to blooming big time.

    then we had a late freeze. not horrible like up in yankee land... just 29 for a couple of nights.

    all those leaves and blooms have shriveled and died.

    maybe they will come back??
    yeah, I should help the bride put up some fruits... they may not come in this year?

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    No freeze here.
    Gonna be a bug filled summer.
    Wish we had got at least one.
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    Same here Rock. Our cherry trees bloomed, and then a freeze hit. I don't see any production this year from them. We will see what the other trees do.

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    protus predicted right regardless of the freezing. bugs are everywhere. grats, moths, .

    we have some old muscadine vines that have been here a long time. they are full of new fruit.
    right next to them we have new grape vines that I planted. it took them 3? years to produce and they did wonderful last year.
    I bragged on them last year somewhere at this site.
    but all of the grapes are dried up dying. I've started to cut down the remains several times, but hoping one or two will somehow
    eventually show some life.

    which is a reminder. we got gallons of grapes last year. there will be 0 this year. I've got to get 'em in the ground and growing and strong enough to survive the cold and whatever else may come long before the shtf. (and maybe make sure the variety is good to go in my planting zone!)

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    We've seen apple trees that used to go gangbusters go down to a couple years of nothing. Not a lot changed so it left us asking maybe this thing about semi dwarf trees only producing around 15 years was correct? We began cutting out some of the older ones that were marked showing no production for a couple years.

    Meanwhile the hard pear trees are still producing that I know are way older than the apple trees we planted.
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