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    Pushing the limits- AK

    So a few weekends back I took my son shooting distance with the 308 bolt guns. Previous to this he had shot 300 yards with the bolt guns and the rest of his shooting has been 300 yards and under with other rifles.

    Using a berm at just over 500 yards I got him up to speed with getting hits at that distance.

    In the down time, I started toying around with shooting my Arsenal at the same steel target at that distance. He was between shooting and I had him spot for me.

    With a WELL USED Arsenal SGL21-61 that honestly has probably seen 2K rounds since it was last cleaned, crappy Bear or Wolf ammo and three 5 mag shoulder pouches stacked on top of each other for a rest, I gave it a shot.

    That AK DOES have a 3x30 ACOG on it with the 7.62x39 BDC.

    I used the "adjust by dust" and spotter approach but I was able to get a very small number of hits on the steel. Realistically it was about 3 out of 10.

    All things being equal I'm going to try this some more in the future with the following changes-

    1. I may try a brand new milled Arsenal I have and/or a newer stamped Arsenal that just doesn't have the MILEAGE on it that my normal training Arsenal has. When your missing a lot of bluing on a rifle, you know it's seen some use....
    2. I will definitely stick with the ACOG. As best as I could figure the Bullet drop compensator was correct. I "shot around" the berm a bit to get the range but I realized quickly the 500 yard drop mark was pretty much on.
    3. I will try some QUALITY ammo, versus the run of the mill, dug up from a 90's cache cheap Russian X39 we have been rotating. I have some of this-

    that I will try. Any other more accurate X39 anyone knows about?

    4. I will definitely bring a good rest this go around. Probably a heavier pack that will provide the height I need.

    With the ACOG the AK hits reliably at 300 yards if the shooter remotely knows how to shoot. Extending that another 200 yards would definitely put the x39 at the extreme edge of it's effectiveness, but I think it can be done.

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    Because of various issues, I have not been able to get to the outdoor range in many months. I plan on taking three types of x39 that I purchased in the 90s with me and trying them in two of the AK variants that I have; one a Norinko and one Saiga. Both are stamped receiver types. I will be using a rest, so my lack of practice bias will be minimized. I'll let you know what I find as far as ammo goes. My optics are questionable as well, so I will be using iron sights on each to compare that.

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