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    Krinky krinky and AK74 UW Chest rig

    I finally decided to try to flip to the other side of the record for a while and try 5.45 again. Previously purchased a Russian AK74 a few years back. I've put very little rounds through that, then the Russian weapons issue and the prices going up on them- that gun is worth $300. more than when it was purchased. Also it's one of my few AK's that don't look like it's been through the wringer.

    Getting in before all the changes to the NFA regulations last year, I purchased a short barrelled Krink from Arsenal. Purchased and paid for January of 2016, I only got my hands on it about a month ago now Long story but got in under the wire of the regulation changes requiring DNA, fecal samples and gonad charting....

    Only have about 800 or 900 rounds through it so far but damn I'm liking it.

    I have NOT zeroed it yet, hence the low shots on the target in the pic. It's on target at 100 but low as you can tell from the grouping.


    Pros- extremely light recoil, very lightweight and compact. An SBR like this will definitely be what I end up using when I get a good bit older. The small size and weight are a plus for women folk too. My wife enjoyed shooting this and was able to keep it shouldered a lot longer than she can her full size AK (arm strength issues that a lot of women have).

    Cons- took forever to get, price wasn't exactly cheap.

    Logistically now I have to get deeper in my commitment to 5.45 Luckily last year when waiting for this I picked up quite a few polymer mags that CDNN had on sale for $9. They have all worked flawlessly as has the non corrosive wolf ammo.

    Another disadvantage is the one screw among a bunch of nails in your tool belt deal. So you hanging off a roof and reach into your nail pouch to get a nail and retrieve a screw. What the hell are you saying Rob? Trying to make an analogy between having a bunch of X39 AKs that all take the same magazine and ammo, and then throwing in one or two rifles that look almost exactly the same but take different mags and different ammo. Not all your family members or the people that may use these are gear hooas that play with their equipment every day. The chances for a X39 mag to be attempted to be stuffed in an AK74 is a real thing. Matter of fact..... So we had this very talk with the family, including a look at how the mags are different, how they feel different in the hand, etc. Not an hour later we are at the range and my son walks over towards the shooting spot with the 5.45 Krink and a X39 mag. I noticed it and said "let me know how that works out."
    What? He asked. "You know, what we talked about at the house." He gave me a blank look then proceeded to try to insert the mag....

    I remember when I first mentioned this being a possibility people thought I was nutz. Well this wasn't under stress, this wasn't under pressure. And this was a person that has had 4 years of regular informal training and several classes worth of formal training. I'd love to say that probably won't happen again but I've said that before training people when they flagged their right thumb on an AK shooting left handed- "well, you won't do that again." And then they did about 10 minutes later....

    So I feel justified in my assumption that probably it's not a good idea to keep similar firearms that take different magazines and ammo for use with family or lesser trained people. My son realized immediately upon trying to place the mag that it was not correct, however if someone was not familiar with (i.e, thousands of reps) the system and mags, this might have continued under stress (attempts to insert wrong mag). This could happen with FN mags in an M1A, Mini 14 mags in an AR15, etc.

    My reasons for keeping the number of different weapon SYSTEMS to a minimum feel more justified to myself now. Honestly if their wasn't the time crunch of 41F and the x39 SBRs had been in stock, I probably would not have opted for the 5.45

    I'm more from the camp that if it can go wrong, you better put measures in place so it won't go wrong. So needless to say this will stay separate as much as possible from the regular AKs.

    UW Chest Rig-

    Hawkeye sent me an AK chest rig a few years ago as repayment for several favors I did him years before, which was a very nice gesture. Unfortunately since I don't shoot 5.45 much I've had little chance to use it. So with this Krink I've been using it more and will continue to.

    It's a four cell AK74 chest rig. x39 mags will not fit in it, but the 5.45 mags fit correctly. There is the curvature of the AK mags to deal with, which I'm sure is a PITA for gear makers. Hawkeye did a great job on this rig taking care of that.

    Rig is very comfortable and easy to use. The tuck tunnel closures require a bit of re training if your used to bungees or tension holders as I am. BUT their is no loud velcro noise to give away your position. Stitching looks as professionally done as any "big name" gear I have and materials are top notch- no chinese crap here!!

    Check them out at

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    I like a number of different weapons and think they are all viable for serious use, but I've also long been a proponent of keeping everything on the same "platform".

    Glad you like the rig!

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    In the reality of likely scenarios, the 5.45 round is deadly, accurate, and light, so it allows more ammo or a lighter load. My UW AK74 Chest rig I got from Hawkeye is also a great fitting rig for confronting mutant zombie bikers... Glad you are having fun with the 74 again...

    But my AR15 is still my end of the world gun. bwaaahaahaaa!
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    Having several UW Gear Chest Rigs in AK and AR versions, I will say his rigs are great.

    LD3, you thought of painting the 5.45 rifle a different color, or the mags with an identifiable mark/color so a mistake would be harder to make during a crunch time? Having a G19 and a G23 I am marking the mags differently so those that could grab them know what to look for.
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    Would be easy and not need be bright. A simple tan/khaki X on each mag or solid stripe in the middle.

    Hmmmm...LD saying his AK is heavy.....guys I think we need to pool up and start him a go find me for a hover round ;p lol .

    Both my UW rigs are built top notch.
    My first one...I was shocked. I had never seen hawks work. And kinda knew his skill level via phone calls etc. Since I sew as well and well...we had to talk dollies patterns lmao. Either way. I've had zero issue with them.
    The tab isn't /was not a big change for me as I've always trained with flapped May pouches.

    Krink looks awesome bro. Shoulda got a m92 same gun iirc but in x39
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    My UW Gear chest rig is good stuff. Nice rifle.

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    It's fun to shoot now and will definitely become my go to when I get older.

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    Zeroed at 100 and it was a GOOD BIT low and to the right.

    After that, it was shooting about 4 MOA with iron sights. For a Krink and my old eyes, I'm happy with that.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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