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    aflac's cousins - ducks

    I don't know their model... but they look like mr. Aflac... got to be cousins.
    and nearly as dramatic.
    we've got 2 left... a critter got one...
    crazy... always think I should be feeding them..
    no matter how much they've eaten..
    they know when they are in areas they shouldn't be... I can point and glare... and they will turn and head back to home territory.
    but they will stop and turn around to check if I'm still there. if not, they will slowly turn back to forbidden territory. stopping to see if wife or I are watching. smarter than you'd think.

    two femaies... mom and daughter...
    we used to find eggs scattered. in the pond, or in the yard, or occasionally a nest.
    no eggs for months...

    we left for a few days and had neighbor feeding while we were gone.
    we returned and found two eggs on a concrete floor in a little tiny 4x4 shed.
    both females laid 1 egg each on a crazy hard floor.
    maybe the local coon hadn't found them yet??

    anyway, consider getting a couple or three.
    the eggs have huge yokes. tasty.

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    My son-in-law brought 4 ducklings home this spring and we used our chick brooder set to grow them for the first two weeks and we were amazed as to how fast they grow compared to chicks. They are so much tougher too. They could handle 50s the first week and were outside overnight eating grass and swimming in their kiddy pool happily. They eat very little feed now and live on grass and bugs. There has been a noticeable decrease in grasshoppers and ticks too.
    We did loose two to coyotes (I think)....no blood, no feathers just gone from their fenced in area.

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    my wife wants them in the stew pot...
    they get bold and want to leave the pond area...
    if we let them stay in the yard, they come up to the door and stand there.
    then they do their thing there at the door. (leaving "sign")
    we've been on a little trip.
    came home and found that we'd left some cole slaw in the refrig. along with some broccoli (sp?) salad.
    I headed out the door towards the compost bucket with the old slaw and salad. saw the ducks at the edge of the yard, yapping.

    lol... that cole slaw had some twang to it.. old.. ducks didn't care... they loved it>>. the old broccoli salad too.
    maybe the ducks will die from rotten food, but I doubt it..

    we've got two females now... maybe i'll see if Aflac will rent out their duck for servicing ours!

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