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    Bombing in Manchester.

    Happened around 7 pm our time. At a concert arena.
    Reports are 19-22 dead,50+ injured. Reported as suicide bomber.
    Almost zero photo Intel out there.
    Total lock down and speculation the first 3+ hours and even to this AM.
    Prayers out to all.
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    all over Drudge with links...sad, but lets keep letting in illegals here so we can see that crap happen in America...snowflakes still don't get it...
    Protecting the sheep from the wolves that want them, their family, their money and full control of our Country!

    Guns and gear are cool, but bandages stop the bleeding!

    ATTENTION: No trees or animals were harmed in any way in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were really ticked off!

    NO 10-289!

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    they bring in the mad dogs, feed and house them, and then are stunned when the dogs bite. Hell, The UK can't even utter the words 'Islamic Terrorist'.

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