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    Check your mounts regularly

    Had a little extra time yesterday evening so I drove out to the range with a couple of .308s.

    I only usually shoot distance rifles half dozen or so times a year, so obviously my due diligence is not what it should be.

    Shooting a small pie plate on an IPSC cardboard silhouette at 525 yards. The white of the pie plate contrasted well against the brown of the silhouette.

    Shots felt fine but when I drove over to check them they were everywhere. Probably 1 1/2 MOA from a rifle that had previously done 3/4 MOA at this same distance.

    I flogged myself with a piece of razor wire then drove back to the firing point to get a few more in before the rain started in earnest.

    Similar results, damn. U G L Y, I ain't got no alibi....... that was some ugly shooting.

    It's raining like hell by this point so I wrap it up and drive back to the house.

    Determined to drive back this weekend and figure out WTH is going on I check over the rifles. New .308 Savage that a local smith mounted the scope for me had the mount loose, almost a quarter turn to tighten it- ouch! I check the other one, Ma Bell, Old Faithful of the bolt guns, Great Ringer of da Steelz.... and the mount is loose on that one also! Epic failure. I flogged myself again with the razor wire.

    Moral of the story, make it an SOP to check your mounts EVERY TIME. Had this been for real, I would have made the shot at 525 but the deer/BG/Zombie/whatever would have limped away laughing at my shot.

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    Funny to see you whining about 1.5 minute accuracy... Locktite is your friend, and some folks even use torque wrenches when tightening.

    Be Safe,

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    Que es torque wrench?

    Couldn't let it lay, so I went over Friday afternoon and re zeroed at 200.

    Old Faithful wasn't off bad, a few minor corrections and she was good. The new one printed on the next target over (3 silhouettes put side by side on rack)! Got that one adjusted and last group was 3 shots inside of a little less than a 2 inch tape square. So I'm happy again.

    And slathered the crap out of the mounts with Loc Tite last night.

    I remember using fingernail polish on Old Faithful back in the day, but I could only see traces of that on the screws on the scope rings, not on the mounts.

    I try not to be cheap with ammo, but it does pi$$ you off to realize you had to drop $40. in match ammo realizing this and then re-zeroing.
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