FLIR demonstrated some New Thermal imagers at SHOT show this January that featured the new BOSON core. This new core has revolutionized thermal imaging. A 320 unit now performs similar to an older 640 unit.

Yesterday they released this new Thermal Weapon sight, the Thermosight PRO PTS233. It uses CR123 batteries versus the old style FLIR internal battery system that needed to be charged via a USB charger. They also feature the new Boson core.

Best of all, this Thermal Weapon Sight is just $2199. Just a year or so ago, you would have had to spend about $5K to get this kind of performance in a Thermal weapon sight.


Per FLIR, they are expecting first shipments to start shipping the end of August. Pre-orders are being taken at JRH with nothing being charged before your order ships.

As with other new FLIR product offerings, we expect this to have long lead times for the first year of introduction, so it's a good time to get on the waiting list for one.