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Thread: Water filters

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    Water filters

    Water filters, what do you use or intend to use? I have some friends who live in the N GA mountains, so I look at their news occasionally. This caught my eye last week: https://fannin.fetchyournews.com/201...ncy-continues/

    Summary, their municipal water system pumps went out...both of them. As it is a tourist town, the towers emptied quickly. After one pump was temporarily repaired a boil advisory was initiated. That got me to thinking of my own storage and filter systems.

    Years ago I purchased a Katadyn Combi. It has a ceramic filter plus a carbon filter. The carbon filter has a short life, so for home use I will use a Brita for the second stage. In my BOB, I have an Explorer filter, and in my vehicle bags, I have Life Straws.

    All filter companies make claims. I trust the Katadyn, but do the Explorer and Life Straws do their job, or are they a false sense of security? Their purpose would be to get me home in one week or less using creek or lake water, not unknown puddles of liquid.

    Are there better options for back packing that won't break the bank?

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    I use the life straw and have a couple of berkey set ups.

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    I use a katadyn ceradyn daily.
    Hiker and minis are in the packs,guide as a back up.
    Straws in the mini kits
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    I switched from a Katadyn Vario filter to an inline Sawyer filter years ago in my water bladder for backpacking. When the Sawyer Mini came out I purchased a 4-pack that ended up being $12.50 a piece and have been using those for the past several years.

    I'll carry the Mini along with a 1L and a 700ml Smartwater bottle with a 3L Platypus bag for backup and in camp while backpacking.

    The Sawyer Mini NEEDS the included syringe. Two years ago we did a 70 mile thru-hike of the Florida Trail through the Ocala National Forest. In 48 hours. Most of the trip we got water from the springs along the trail and the Mini worked fine without needs to be backflushed. But we ran into trouble when getting water from a muddy pond south of the 88 store. The filters clogged within a liter of water to barely putting out a trickle.

    When it's time to replace the Mini I'm going to go to a Sawyer Squeeze as the throughput is reported to be a little faster.

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    Another user of katadyn ceradyn here. It is a fantastic water filter.

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