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    Mossberg Shockwave, need help slinging.

    Having a hell of a time figuring out a sling that's workable.
    My Shockwave conversion was back in 2015 with a 500A PGO.
    Just got the new factory one in.

    On both, the front sling attachment is just about even with the end of the barrel.

    That close to the end of the bbl, it's real easy for your sling to come up and get shot thru.
    Then too, it's fastened to the barrel nut and can loosen the barrel retaining nut/cap.

    On the rear, it's on the butt end of the raptor buttstock/handle/grip.
    The rear pin to attach the sling to digs in real good on your hip if you hip shoot slugs.

    GG&G makes one that goes between the grip and the receiver but if your hands are slippery, it will break a finger or ding your hand real good when your hand slides forward and it will someday.

    GG&G makes one using the trigger housing retaining pin hole but they put a NUT on the right side of the receiver and that will dig into your trigger finger real good with slugs.

    So, as you have guessed, I'm frustrated finding a "good" sling for woods walking.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Now as to scabbards.
    Most ones that are like the VooDoo tactical breacher scabbard is 18" long inside, 19" outside.
    But it leaves the trigger exposed and I can't find any scabbards about 23" OAL.

    Have really liked the little shooter for a lot of applications but carrying it is a B*tch.

    I just want to sling it or it's comfortable scabbard over my shoulder when I go out in the back forty.


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    I have pretty much used the single point sling like on an m-4. A piece of para cord with a loop tied in it then tied on the gun, or a ring installed out of the way on the stock or receiver area allows the gun to hang down the side or the forward half in the crook of the arm, allows it to carry nicely in the woods. It has worked except for very long barrels.

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