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Thread: food shortages

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    food shortages

    I live near one of those quaint towns that happens to be in the path of the eclipse. Beginning on Thursday, the two large grocery stores, Wally and Ingles began emptying. Reports from neighbors said that there was no milk, bread, produce or bottled water. I went on Thursday afternoon and the shelves had been stocked again, but no bottled water. I just heard on the local ham bands that shelves were bare again (Friday evening) and that Ingles, Wally, and a Chevron had no fuel by Friday at noon. Friday afternoon, fuel trucks were seen at two of the stations. Traffic in our little town had not increased yet, so it was the locals stocking up. The cashier at Wally told me that the store would be in bad shape because the Wally trucks would not be coming on Monday or Tuesday. The State will be closing the route that they use on Monday and Tuesday to divert traffic to another road and the trucks will not make the alternate trip. The road that the traffic will be diverted to was a parking lot this afternoon several miles from us. Again, it's only Friday. According to the fire chief, cell service is expected to go out in three counties on Monday as a result of all of the extra use from visitors and the huge lack of bandwidth that small towns have. Some of the locals here are accustomed to stocking up for ice and snow storms. Many are Florida retirees that stock up for hurricanes. We are still two days away! The ham guys will be at the fire stations and hospitals in case the new whiz-bang fed-approved radio systems crash. They are not sure. An interesting test for a 2-hour event.

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    Interesting. I just saw a report on our local news about some places around the country that were seeing this sort of thing. Amazing that its the locals cleaning out the shelves for something that is a natural thing, and that has no bearing on survival, and is only going to last for less than a couple hours total.
    I got to see one back in the early 80"s. Big to do then too, but nothing like stuff we are seeing now.............Interesting.
    "It has been said that preparedness and being prepared promotes fear. This isn't true.......being UNPREPARED is what promotes fear"

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