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    choosing where to live

    i've just spent a little time on the west coast.
    at home it's 20+ degrees
    here it is 80. folks are in shorts. but no humidity.

    at my southeastern home, there is always humidity.

    in the summer, my associate here doesn't have and doesn't need air conditioning.
    at my home, i can't imagine how folks get by without a/c. how did they do it 100 years ago? or even today, some homes have no a/c in my area.

    we ate at a little carribean restaurant. not cheap. all of a sudden the smell of marijuana started drifting through. the other couple quickly told me that
    marijuana was legal. not something i approve of or am used to.

    regarding the weather, this would be a wonderful place to live... it would save on electric needs.

    but my location was on the wrong side of the san andreas. so. for that and several reasons, i ain't moving to "there"

    but, it is part of all of our decision making process.

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    I would love to live where my family(dad)is from.
    It's got stupid gun laws and well, it's not the US.
    I'd love to live where my wife's family is from,but.
    They have down right miserable winters.
    Good thing is...could find oil on your property.
    Love to live where my brother lives.
    Cool summer nights...changes of seasons...good gun laws.
    But no work in the area....but trout fishing is good.

    Its hot, many snowbirds from up nawth.

    But it pays the bills and our families are here.
    Maybe when I'm your age rock priorities will change. Time will tell.

    Theres awesome country out west...but the culture is totally different than down here..
    Hey dropped your man pad!

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    Through the years, I've lived in 8 states, some of them twice. Between the military and a high-tech company I moved around a lot. What I've found is that everywhere has it's pluses and minuses. It depends on your priorities and lifestyle. I've lived in the northeast, mid-west (as far west as Colorado) and southeast. I've found that the southeast suites my priorities, faith and political views more than the other places. My $.02.
    "Common sense might be common but it is by no means wide spread." Mark Twain

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    california gas at my visit location.. mostly 1.00 over my southeastern location.

    housing cost about 4 x as high in california. one factor in that is that my residence is rural whereas visit location was near coast and a doggone big city.

    i'm sticking to my area. but , the weather is a great factor to consider!

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    The company that I worked for made me go to SoCal every other-year. Cool weather, light breeze, Much like the Bahamas. Last trip was 4 or so years ago. Gas was much higher than Florigabama and there was a lot of full-serve stations. I was told that if you have a nice car and get out to pump your own, car-jacking. The week I was there, their was a riot and an earthquake. The water was sloshed out of the pool at the hotel and the Starbucks was burned. I was going to buy some pepper spray while there and toss it before getting on the plane. Nope, must be a resident and take a special class before purchasing.

    I’m Southern born and southern bred, and when I die I’ll be southern dead. Dusty Rhodes (American Dream).

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    i thought that final line sounds familiar.
    i like it!
    preach it !

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