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    water/gatorade purchases

    we were traveling last night and stopped at a sam's store about 2 hours north of florida.
    sitting in front eating pizza and chicken sandwich we watched as folks made their purchases and left..
    over 20 minute time period all but 3 carts had 1 to 8 cases of water and/or Gatorade. a few flat bed carts that were full of water/Gatorade.

    I finally asked a few shoppers about their purchases... storm related.
    as we picked up a few items I kept running into the same middle eastern guy and we started talking...
    he has a hotel and convenience store on I-75. it is filling up with florida folks running from storm... he advised he was buying up stuff to sell to florida folks.

    he had a truck and it would be overloaded he said. i'm guessing a pickup? a little hard to understand him.

    we had a friendly cashier, and when I asked about all the water purchases... she said, stores in florida are out of water. many of her larger sales had been for folks who were going back to florida to sell the drinks.

    deer park is a popular brand of water.. they were already sold out... but had several pallets of other, more expensive brands.

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    Maybe an hour north of that general location (probably slightly more east also) last night- gas stations in a couple of small and medium size towns were sold out. This is in Georgia not in FL and not near the coast.

    People wait in line at the gas pump, or stand there seeing the empty shelves at Walmart and they are texting and calling their friends right there. That's how it spreads so quick.
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    Why do people always buy out the store in anticipation of a storm (hurricane/blizzard/whatever)? Do they think the stores will never open again (always do within a matter of days...)? We keep about 25 gal. in the house, more available from the well if needed. Used exactly none of it...

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    a well is a wonderful thing.
    we have city water.. and a well.
    I noticed that prior owner had 2 spigots near each other.
    one was for city water and one was operated from well.

    I was curious why they were so close...
    then it dawned on me.. that if I cut off city valve. and run a hose from well spigot to city spigot... the house water just got restored.
    as long as there is an electricity source for well!

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