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Thread: Hurricane Irma

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    We lost power Sunday night. Around 11pm est. I expected it to go sooner.

    Lots of rain. The ground couldn't take it. We had several inches of water flowing through one area if the property. Unfortunately part of my house is on that side. No interior flooding,as my home is built above ground. But my AC and duct work got submerged. Its drying out ....
    Never had that happen before.
    Winds we're worse than Matthew. That last eastern track screwed us here on that west coast/I75 corridor. We stayed gusty and rainy till mid AM Monday and it wasn't safe to work outside till after noon time.

    Damage .

    House- all ok. Debris on the roof and a bent gutter. Above mentioned AC submersion.
    Lost 3 trees that I can tell.(more on this later) . One that took out a section of my fence,one that fell across the main road blocking it, and one if my hickory trees that decided to sit on my car. Not to much damage but it has my hood looking like my car Sat at driving range all weekend.
    I haven't made a complete tour of my back lots because of my job. They required us to be at work Tuesday AM... but from what I can see with walking knee deep in muck there's just dead fall.

    We lost water for four hours Monday.
    But that wasn't a concern. I'm sitting on just under 200 gallons stored. And had several flats of water plus every water bottle we had. So easy another 25-30gallons. We also have well. Manual pump. Its a shallow artisan. Aksi had several gallons of bleach and my trust katadyn ceradyn drip filter. Plus the hiker,mini,and guide/pocket. So we were good to go.

    No power meant no lift stations.
    Out came the lugaloo..and a pickle bucket. No..really..a firehouse pickle bucket .
    One for solids,one for liquid waste.
    Of course..for me..that was the nearest tree or off my deck.
    Took a little but for the kid to warm up to it and for the wife to ensure waste and paper stayed desperate.
    Solids I could bury..liquids I could dump..paper I could burn. If it became an extended issue.
    Solid waste was bagged and placed in an used pool chem bucket with locking screw lid and placed outdoors.
    We had water so I used what we did in matthew. I took a garden hose 7 position wand . Strapped it to the border of the house . I places a small two ft pallet on the ground to stand on. Instant out door shower...with adjustable spray head lol.
    Felt good at night to cool off.

    Cooking- we camp a bunch do it was grilled or done on the Coleman two burner.

    Power- I'm lacking or shall I say I was lazy and never set my panel up to backfired or as I want to power the old wallshaker in the living room. So many people have told me to tear it out. Nope. Its there to stay.
    We powered fans ,deep Freddie and refrigerator,chargers and lights off a 4000 predator. Zero issue. Gas did ok.1/2 tank would get us about 5.5 hours. I never ran it all day or into the night.
    A wheel kit and possible dedicated outhouse for it are being discussed.

    Comms- ATT sucks. We new we'd lose service. So pre storm I hooked up my brother (lives 2 miles away from me ) with a CB since he doesn't have HT and I don't have a marine radio.
    Good comms pre storm.
    He also let us borrow a version WiFi hotspot. We enabled WiFi calling. Which have us what spotty service we had to at least touch base with friends and family.
    We all installed zello on our phones.
    This is hot or miss . Its biggest pro is channels I was on a channel from another forum(very large fun forum) . It was a dedicated Fla info style forum.
    Days prior,and after folks from all over the state we're giving road Intel..area Intel..and least Carl eyes . Stuff internet or TH can't give you.
    Folks evacing getting side routed to by pass traffic,which gas stations still had gas...which ones didn't,even though gas buddy good them it did.
    2m and possible better CB/vhf on brothers end in the future. He was surprised on the CB end of things.
    We wet up check in times,radio checks etc.

    Over all we fared very well. Power and sewer restored in under five days.
    River is rising ,that's the big concern.
    Bad side was the kid broke her wrist Thursday before the cane and the wife fell and jammed hers at work.
    So I was half crewed ..and both cranky from being hurt.

    I think that's it..lol
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    Sorry for the typos. The tablet has a retarded autocorrect.
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    Small towns.

    So. The other night we hopped in the wife's bug out vehicle. A awd CRV. Lol.
    And headed down to check on her farthers property. We went as far as we could. But roads we're under water. The wife was unwilling to get her tires wet. Which..inside I'm kinda ok with. No need for her to be brave.
    So we turn around.
    She sees a truck with box/stirage bed. Its white.
    "They have been out here every night...."
    Me -" they live there "
    Wife- NO...see the truck..lets offer then some waters
    Me- (right slipped)better go get some bush light
    wife -what
    Me- ohhhh nothing.

    Do we pull over..she asked if they need anything..want waters..blah blah etc.

    Guy waded over through the puddles to us.
    Beer in hand.

    Me- cough...this is gonna be good
    Wife- @#!$ you..ha ha.

    We get involved in a 30+ minute conversation that had me rolling.
    We got all the Intel on everyone in a half mile.
    All about the people who don't sit well with folks(druggies etc)
    And about us.
    That's the point of this story.

    In his words
    " y'all the folks that bought the nice house...and let the hedges grow real high out front (us -yes sir)....BESSSSST damn thing you did in my eyes.....considering ole Tim's family that lived across the street there for a bit ,they we're nothing but trouble "

    We went round a but exchanging Intel..who's who..and typical small talk..shook hands..first and last introductions and typical "if you need anything " .
    I offered to buy his jeep for 20$ lol and that started another round of info and jokes from both sides.

    I wonder what else folks think about us now lol
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    we made out ok. Highest winds, officially, in Gainesville was only 54 mph. We got about 12 inches of rain though. Lots of flooding. We have underground utilities, but the transformers are sitting on pads next to the road. Some flooded and shorted out, killing power in the 'hood for 13 hours.
    My neighbor was under two to three feet of water. Only a few minor limbs down in my yard. Other parts of town are still without power. A lot of trees and power poles down. I had no damage to the casa. Did not even fire up my generator.
    We dodged a bullet once again.

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    nothing significant at the house.
    lights flickered... generator not used.
    lots of limbs and debris in yards.
    folks nearby lost power for several days.

    I went out to pick up limbs. spent 15 minutes and only got a very small area.
    then lightbulb went off. rake!
    I had bought several pieces of used small tractor equipment from a friend.
    one of them was a rake that had 40 spring times originally, but someone had cut off half the times.
    I used this to smooth out the driveway once a year and when new gravel delivered.

    about 5 or 6 feet wide... and wonderful for raking yard.
    a little rough on the ground if there is little grass and the dirt is wet.

    but the nearby church sure appreciated it's use and some neighbors sure saved days of backbreaking raking.

    very large assisted living home/ nursing home/ Alzheimer ward complex in the area lost power. went off Monday, came back on Thursday... the facility had told folks, "don't worry, we have a generator."
    yep. they sure do! BUT it only has power for emergency lighting and electric doors. no hvac. no kitchen, no lights or hvac in individual rooms. the saving factor was the fact that temperatures dropped during this time period.

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