i'm assisting on a building project at a local spot.

prior to doing concrete slab, a large truckload of "builders sand" sand with high percentage of clay.
looks like reddish sandy soil was brought in.

after slab prepped this sand was added to soil (old longterm wore out cultivated field) and spread around slab.
looked nice and smooth and was graded to move water away from project.

grass was encouraged to grow again. but no grass. only grew through a few cracks that developed. so. the "new guy"
was given job of removing most of the pretty and smooth soil. (me!) most of this stuff was 2 to 5 " thick. it's been down about a month. cooking. and being driven and walked over.

i'm young and inexperienced with a pick/shovel/etc.. that pick axe on the thick stuff would bounce. maybe making a 3/4 inch chip. it was best to aim for the cracks.

bottom line... we were making bricks. I think some folks add some chopped up straw to the mixture... i'm glad we didn't!!
this stuff isn't shaped like a row of bricks. but someone could build a very strong structure with them.
just a thought and recommendation for the future.