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    Gear and clothing repair long term

    We recently acquired 5 pallets of mil spec velcro and a pallet of misc. mil spec buckles.

    Going to wholesale most of it, but I'm going to set aside some of it to make up gear repair kits and sell them to my retail customers.

    Long term, it will be necessary to repair clothing and equipment. In the PAW you won't be able to call UW Gear and order a new chest rig when your "vodoo tacticool" rig falls apart after first use and you need something better.

    So I see several uses for this-

    1. For the cheap arse prepper that bought cheap gear to begin with, never figured out if was inferior due to never truly training with it (both common prepper traits), having a repair kit would be good to put back together what probably fell apart.

    2. Even quality gear, over the long term, under hard use, can and sometimes does fail. Buckles get broken, lost, etc. Some repair items to make it back "like new" might mean the difference between a piece of gear functioning as designed, or barely functioning.

    Watch someone try to pull mags under stress from a chest rig, plate carrier, etc. that is not cinched down correctly and mentally time the mag fumble. We live or we die in those fractions of a second in real life. We have seen this time and time again with the UTM skirmishes at Max's Force on Force team tactics classes.

    My son lost the back strap to his AK chest rig, he tried to play it off like it wasn't a problem. I watched his next mag change and it was a problem. We jury rigged a fix in the field that was so so. Once we got home we fixed it correctly.

    What plans/preps do you have for repair of gear and clothing long term?

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    I sew from time to time....
    But I keep fabrics,webbing,needles,thread,etc on hand. All my left overs get stuck in a small tote .
    Some gear I reinforce before use. Or modify.
    Having decent set of sewing needles and thread goes a long way to keeping things mended.
    Knowing how to mend,stitch up stuff helps to.

    With today's gear. Having spare Velcro and buckled/slides on hand is a must imho.
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    crap... another hole found. I keep spare buckles, connectors but no webbing or proper thread.

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    BTW, UncleSamsRetailOutlet deal of the day run the equipment patchs from time to time real cheap and they work well, hold up well. They're about 3"x3".

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