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    well my monthly SS check is hardly a 'hand out'. I paid every week all my working life into that fund, and was taxed on my income before the deduction for that, and now I'm taxed when I draw the money out.

    .........and running to WalMart ain't a bad idea if you see tough times coming. Not a single one of us pre stocks every single item you may need in a time of crisis.

    That said, I have not read Rawls site in many years. It just lost it's mojo.

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    One point he tells people to be prepared ahead of time, then he goes over this crazy idea DURING A PANDEMIC to head out to Walmart with your whole clan to do last minute shopping!
    Look at the context Sam. I know you, your a smart dude, you would not risk yourself, your son or your wife during a pandemic to head to Walmart for one more survival widget.

    ..... and I know your not an idjit and wouldn't do a reverse mortgage, no matter what 1950's TV celebrity is pushing them on commercials between Judge Judy breaks The "author" in question has never posted an article that made any damn sense in the big picture of survivalism. This crap I typed out on the OP was literally just the tip of the iceberg. Like I said, it's like a train wreck, I really feel bad looking at it, but it's such a damn mess it's hard not to!! LOL

    At least your gen will get back some (usually more) than what you paid in (Gubmint required Ponzi scheme). My gen has very little chances of it, but are bound to pay into it anyways with no way to opt out of it. Yours will be the last to receive any benefits but definitely not the last to pay into the failing system.

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